What type of degree do I need for automotive insurance adjusting?

What type of degree do I need for automotive insurance adjusting?

Wanted a career working with cars-I live in the Detroit area and with Ford and GM world headquarters right here, I wanted to work for the big 3 possiblly in engineering. But since I cannot do that cause the market has gone sour, I decided to work in automotice insurance, possible adjusting, but not sure what degree is required. I already have an associates degree and want to go for my batchelers. But not sure what degree. What do you think?


I believe it is mathematics. A friend of mine wanted to become an actuary and deal with doing insurance stuff, and she was studying applied mathematics.:-)


Statistics (Mathematics)



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You can call your agent and have them fax/email one to you or even better, some of the Insurance companies have the ability to have you print one out online. If you don't get the answer you need, I would go to the office and insist they print some kind of proof out for you. Good luck!