What type of driver license is needed to drive an ambulance?

What type of driver license is needed to drive an ambulance?

I will be starting my own ambulance service soon. I need to know what class driver license is needed to drive an ambulance. I currently hold Class C out of the state of Texas


Each state has a specific class of license that is to allow a driver to drive a non-commercial vehicle for commercial purposes. For example in WV it is a Class D license- that is what anyone driving an ambulance that fails below the minimum weight for a CDL, a taxi, limo, UPS/FedEx/USPS vehicles, etc would need to drive these types of vehicles. Some fire trucks also fall under this, but most are heavier & require at least a Class C, possibly a Class B CDL.There are other licenses you will need besides the correct class driver's license.A business licenseSome states require ambulances to be certified/licensed to be able to haul Medicaid/Medicare patientsJust a couple that you will need.Now the biggest & most costly is going to be insurance. Not sure on TX, but some states require a 1 million dollar liability policy on the ambulances & business.I hope you have fully researched what all it is going to take & the total up front start up capital required to just to be able to open the doors for business as an ambulance company. This is not a business that you can go lease a small building for $500- $1000 per month, go to an auto auction & purchase a used ambulance for $10,000 & expect to go into business as an ambulance company.Ballpark guess, it is going to take at least $250,000 to just be able to turn the lights on in the building & tell the public that you are now open for business. So again I say, I hope you have done your homework & good luck.


class C and mucho insurance.



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