What wireless carrier does Progressive Snapshot by Telanon use to transmit it's data?

What wireless carrier does Progressive Snapshot by Telanon use to transmit it's data?

Progressive auto insurance offers a device made by Telenon to track driving habits. It attaches to the diagnostic port underneath the dash and collects data such as speed, braking, and miles traveled. The data is transmitted wireless, I'-m assuming using a cell phone carrier. Does anyone know which carrier the device uses?


I'm afraid you are giving Telanon more credit than we deserve, so I would like to set the record straight here. Telanon does not manufacturer or supply the devices that Progressive uses.The original supplier of Progressive's MyRate(R) devices was Xirgo Technologies. Those Xirgo devices contain a GSM/GPRS wireless modem supplied in turn by Telit, and utilize the AT&T cellular network to transmit data to Progressive.The current devices used by MyRate, now re-branded as Snapshot(TM), look a little different and according to Progressive require less power to operate. They may come from a different supplier.Our product Telanon(R) Evaluator Plus collects data from consumers' vehicles to help them evaluate all types of usage-based auto insurance, including advanced versions like Progressive's which evaluate driving behavior to offer discounts. Vehicle data collected by Telanon(R) Evaluator Plus also proves mileage driven for verified-mileage policies to receive their maximum discounts. In all cases, our patented process only releases customer-identified vehicle data to insurers if that data will earn the customer discounts. In that way we help consumers receive maximum, no-worry savings from "green" car insurance. (It is "green" because usage-based insurance will save most consumers money and will reduce pollution because some consumers will drive less to receive higher insurance-premium discounts.)Many insurers other than Progressive may initially issue verified-mileage policies because: 1) they are simpler to develop and implement since the captured vehicle data they consider is limited to mileage- 2) they are the only type of usage-based auto insurance currently allowed in California, the largest auto-insurance state market- and 3) Progressive has U.S. patent rights to usage-based insurance that uses driving-behavior data to adjust rates.Source(s):I founded and am now CEO of Telanon, Inc. More details about our company and products can be found at http://www.telanon.com . The information I gave about Progressive's original MyRate(R) devices comes from published comments made by Progressive representatives and a press release by Telit on their modem sales to Xirgo.



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