What would be best amount of auto & homeowner insurance to have including umbrella coverage in NJ?

What would be best amount of auto & homeowner insurance to have including umbrella coverage in NJ?

What would be best amount of total coverage to carry for auto insurance and homeowners insurance including an umbrella policy. I realize claims are skyrocketing, and I don'-t presently have an umbrella policy. Would like to know what I should be targeting. Thanks!


Well, no one here knows you! I can tell you what I usually tell people: you take out half million limits on your auto and homeowners, then get the umbrella policy with whatever REAL limits you need. It's not hard to buy million dollar increments, up to ten million. After that, it can be done, but it's harder.You need to have an umbrella policy that covers your assets, PLUS three to five years income. So. Figure out what your stuff is worth, and add your projected income for the next three years, and round up to the next million.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


Try getting in touch with a local insurance agent or two to help you analyze your situation. You are smart for considering an umbrella. Most people don't think about that. You can get quotes from a couple of different agents in your area by going here - http://www.myinsurancequotes.net.Hope that helps!Sincerely,Jared Balishttp://www.utahinsurance.org



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