What Would My Insurance Be In NJ, I'm A Teen?

What Would My Insurance Be In NJ, I'm A Teen?

Well, I'-m 18 and live in New Jersey and I really want a car, however I don'-t know if I want to pay a insurance, I'-m probably going to get a newer honda civic, or something similar, PLEASE give me Guesstimate


To stay on the good side of the lay, it appears insurance is not an option. Auto insurance providing at least minimum liability is required in New Jersey, as nearly every state now requires, (some places allow wealthy folks to put up a bond in place of liability insurance)If a police officer asks for proof of insurance, you must provide either:A certificate of self-insurance.An insurance identification card provided by your carrier.The penalty for being uninsured:For a first offense you'll be fined $300, face a one year suspension, and be sentenced to community service.For a second offense you'll be fined $500, face a two-year suspension, spend 14 days in jail, and be sentenced to 30 days of community service.If you are financing the car, your bank will require you to carry full coverage.The state insurance depart has a handy list of all the insurance companies for New Jersey:http://www.state.nj.us/dobi/division_con…To give you a rough idea of the cost, NY state provides sample rates, for a 20 year old in Buffalo, 32 companies prices ranged from $573 to $2054 for liability only (6 month? policy) It certainly pays to shop around.



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