What would you do if you discovered a cure for cancer?

What would you do if you discovered a cure for cancer?

First off NO drug company is ever going to release a cure if they have one because they make way too much money on treatment drugs. ****************************************…Okay so say you found a cure would you share it? I'-m not sure what I would do. I mean it'-s natural and the world is already over populated. If we cured everybody the population would explode. Forget the fame and money you would have though cuz that'-s enough to make any1 release it.


You speak a "Sobering Truth" despite your baited question. I respect your candor, and although you shared your views also, I do not think you are being insensitive.I can use a couple of analogies and also answer your Q:? directly.If I discovered a cure for any or all types of Cancer, it would probably be scrutinized, not believed by the "Business" powers of Medicine, and be highly touted as being flawed and I'm sure the so called "Experts" would use the media to demean and degrade the integrity of my claim, even if I had independent Bio-Physicists, Bio-Chemists, Physicians, and Onocologists verify and test my theory and prove and echo such as fact.In the "perfect world" I would receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine, and, other high accolades. I would be declared one of the greatest if not greatest contributors to medicine, but, not in this country. Maybe in India or Sweden or some other place, but, you could be sure that the USA Government and Big Business would not dare allow the FDA to approve my "Cure".There is big business in tragedy in this country. Whether it be Cancer, Heart, or any other illness. Yes, Pharmaceuticals make Big $$$ off illness, and Physicians make big money off the same as well the procedures they do.A cure for Cancer would ruin our economy as would a cure for any other high victim disease. Even the businesses of Nursing Homes and Funeral Homes and all related businesses would suffer, such as headstone makers, casket makers, and the only ones that would get richer is the Life Insurance Companies because the mortality rate would drop.Other analogies of your question would be like that of the video and article I read that a man invented a way for Cars/Trucks/Trains to run on water. I'm not talking steam engines either where coal is used for heat,........I'm talking pure water as the source of power. Funny how the media has not put a spotlight on this invention. I saw it and read about it several months ago. I can only imagine that the man whom had it either was turned away and ignored, or, some U.S. Patent Office monitoring big business hound dog was up on it, paid the guy off and purchased his patent, and then stuck it in "File 13".Could you imagine what would happen to this country let alone the world if we adopted such technology? The big oil companies, auto-makers, and every other big business in this country would have a nervous break-down. If only we had started with this technology first, and then called the nut whom discovered uses for oil would have been ignored, what a wonderful world this would be.Why is gas prices up? It goes to the same crux of your cure for cancer Q:? It all has to do with what will be accepted and be popular........not with the people in this country or world, but, with the 1/100th of 1% of the U.S Population or 3,000 people that truly run this country. The CEO, Power Brokers, and Politicians.If my pets were as sick as us humans are all the time, I'd go Bankrupt. They want us sick. They feast off of our famine. I agree 100% with your own position.We all have such a herd mentality in this country, and we don't even know we are being screwed.I think there is an aspect of Scientists that invent diseases, and an aspect that invents treatments to keep the big money flowing, and being able to purge this country of the unwanted and obsolete. It's a Mdical Genocide based on actual social value.Cancer and many other diseases were never heard of or recorded before the appearence of modern medicine.Sorry for being so wordy in my answer, but, the Morphine and Oxycodone I am taking for the 5 conditions I suffer seems to influence my PROLIX!Source(s):Cynical and Logical Deep Thinker.


Surely you are aware that "cancer" is not just one illness, but a variety of diseases all characterized by a lack of control on cell growth and proliferation. There are a LOT of cancer drugs which are being developed and are in various stages of clinical trial and the myth that companies which discover these drugs would not sell them is just absurd. I have dedicated all my adult life to cancer research and I want to believe that this is leading us somewhere. Not only in terms of treatment of cancer but also (quite more interestingly and economically more advantageous for the society!) in terms of cancer chemoprevention, i.e. the use of drugs to prevent the occurrence of tumors. The latter approach is incredibly important in populations at risk of developing cancer, such as those with familial cancer syndrome.Besides, a "cure for cancer" and "treatment drugs are synonymous!" Therefore what you are asking does not make much sense.I think you should plug your brain in before you make such offensive statements.Source(s):Cancer researcher for many years!


I wouldn't want money, as long as they could cure all the children with cancer...that would be my reward.


Cancer is not a curable disease. It's not one disease. It is a collection of diseases each defined by a specific set of genetic mutations and the cell type. So, each cancer would require a different treatment.The common cold has no cure either. There are thousands maybe more different viruses that cause the cold. There is no medicine to cure the common cold. There is just medicine to alleviate/mask the symptoms. The immune system does the rest to get rid of the foreign invader (cold virus).In cancer, the problem is much more complex. There is no foreign invader. The problem is our own cells have had their genes mutated. Some of those mutations involve controlling growth (cell division).We have developed some treatments against certain viruses. Those drugs specifically target the virus by their surface signature (antigens). Cancer cells are derived from normal cells. Their surface signature is the almost the same as normal cells. There are some therapies that take advantage of the subtle differences for certain cancers (MABs for lymphomas, cancer vaccines for melanoma, brain tumors, pancreatic cancer, etc.) However, even those therapies lose their effectiveness because cancer cells mutate. Every cell division is an opportunity to introduce more mutations to its offspring. Often times, those mutations provide survival benefit to their offspring (evolution).Most approaches to treating cancer (even the purported approach of alternative therapies) involves killing cancer cells not combating the genetic defect or associated protein product produced. There currently is no way to fix genetic mutations.Hereditary diseases such as Down's syndrome, cyctic fibrosis, etc., are caused by mutations to one or more genes. There are no cures to these diseases or any hereditary disease. There is NO current way to fix the genome. These diseases involve a mutated but mostly static genome (like a still target). In cancer, genetic instability and further mutations is common in advanced stages (like moving target).There has been progress in combatting cancer at the genetic level by drugs which bind to the protein produced by the mutated gene. The protein is like an instruction. Binding to the protein is like preventing the (bad) instruction from getting delivered. Some of these targeted therapies currently on the market are Gleevec, Sprycel and, Tasigna for the protein product of the Abl-Bcr oncogene in most CML, some ALL and, GIST. So, some progress has been made but, it is a very slow progress.Hopefully, this will give you some insight as to why cancer will NOT be cured by one drug. Each different cancer must be treated differently. It is quite a complex problem with thousands of people studying the many different aspects of cancer.As for the population explosion remark, in Western countries, heart disease is the number one killer. Not cancer. At any one time, only a small fraction of the population has cancer. Most of them elderly and near their life expectancy anyhow. So, I don't see overpopulation as a problem with the elimination of cancer.


I'd share it.I wouldn't say a drug company won't release a cure if they find it. Think about it, they can make more money than they do now if they find a cure. If a cure is found, the first company to market it would be able to put a huge mark-up on it.Finding a cure doesn't mean cancers will go away. Until cancer can be prevented, the cure alone will not stop the cancer 'industry'. ...but than again, I bet the preventive treatment can be a huge money maker too


First off: EVERYBODY dies. Period.Get comfortable with this absolutely incurable fact of life, it will happen to you. I guarantee it.Sure, to answer your question, I would posit a discovery like a cure for some cancer. Or is the question, if you can make money off of knowledge, which would be more important?My answer is: Knowledge.Source(s):Search "live free die hard" on any search engine today.


I'm sorry about the over-population of the world, I still have to go with the first thought that came to my mind when I read your question: I would thank God. I would thank God because it would mean my prayers had been answered, maybe not in time for all those I've cared for and lost, but for my mother, my daughter's best friend, my co-workers, my friend's child, and too many others to name. There is no amount of money or fame that would be worth more than saving the lives of one of these. Just imagine what it would be like to be able to stop so much suffering, both for the patient and for all those who care for him/her. I don't mean to simplify or sound over-dramatic, but because of my close involvement, this is the only way I can look at it.


Of course I would share it, how can you not? There are people who are suffering how would you like to watch your loved one die a very slow painful death even with hospice care and be unable to help them? Our family has done just that more than once including this summer when my wife spent 5 weeks never leaving her mothers side at the hospice day and night. You can not imagine the pain she was in even with the best of care. She never smoked, she didn't drink... An incurable cancer can happen to anyone.I hope you never have to go through something like that, but if you do perhaps you will be able to understand just how insensitive your remarks are.


Share the good news with the world and celebrate its dissemination and success.


Given what I have been through loosing an Uncle and now my mom being diagnosed a second time with cancer, I would share the cure. I also believe the GOD has his own plan for the world and if he gave me the brilliance to cure cancer, he would be able to solve the problem with over popluation. I can't believe that you would want someone to suffer through cancer just because you think the world is over populated. That is unbelievable. I am not talking about the physcial pain that a cancer patient goes through, but the emotional pain that the patient and their familes have to go through. You are a very insensitive person, I hope that you never have to go through what I have been through.


I know i would be so happy. my grandfather had it and 2 of my aunts had brest cancer and my dear old grandmother died last year of cancer so i know i would be HAPPY


I probably would tell. As far as the world being overpopulated there are alot of other things killing people off. Even if you didnt sell it and just gave it away you still would have fame. I would fell guilty knowing and not telling. Who am I to judge who deserves to be cured and who doesnt.


Post it on the Internet so the world would know


I totally agreed with you on the first thing you said about how drug companies won't release any cure for cancer if they had it, but what you said after that really ticked me off! If I had a cure I would most definitely let it be known. I had cancer so I know what it's like, I was 26 years old when I was diagnosed and a single mother of two boys. I was terrified that I was gonna die and had to undergo months of chemo and I can tell you right now that I suffered miserably! All the painkillers in the world couldn't touch the pain I went through, not only pain but the nauseous, and tiredness, and weakness. Until you have cancer you have no clue!



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