What's a fair amount of rent for my grandma to be charging me?

What's a fair amount of rent for my grandma to be charging me?

I'-m 19 and my grandma is going to be charging me rent starting this June. I already have a job, and I pay for my car, auto insurance, phone(my own plan), food, pretty much everything to be honest. I'-ll have a full-time job starting this summer, making around $800 a week, and I'-ll be starting my online bachelor'-s degree course this fall. She plans on charging me $600 a month. Is this reasonable? I mean, are my monthly utility uses alone really that much? Seeing as I'-m paying for everything on my own, I think it'-s a little too much. I'-m a very responsible and independent person, so I don'-t see charging me that much is '-teaching me a lesson in life'-. What do you guys think?


Well, is grandma providing food and washing machines and cleaning and all that stuff? If yes, then it's very reasonable. If you feel like she is charging you too much, try to find a place to rent somewhere else and see what you can get cheaper. You are living in her house, your rent will help her pay her bills, $600 isn't very much for rent anywhere.


Look up rentals in your area (craigslist is a good place to start) and get an idea of what it would cost to obtain a similar rental from someone you don't know. Then compare that with the $600, including all the amenities that are included. I'll bet Grandma is giving you a pretty good deal.


You know what... you are a grown adult and can choose to not accept her price and simply go move into your own place. Simple as that!


Try finding anywhere for less... you won't.



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