What's a good reliable car insurance company?

What's a good reliable car insurance company?

I'-ve state farm right now but they'-re pretty expensive. And I live in Florida.


USAA (San Antonio, TX)....hand's down. Their membership is fairly restricted though...primarily to (past and present) military officers and their families.I can't help otherwise...I've had USAA since Day One (auto, health, life, property, banking, everything!)Over the years (and mostly out of curiosity) I've shopped other insurance companies for lower premiums. As soon as I mention that I'm a USAA member, the agent ends the call or the website gives me a message that says something to the effect of "This offer is not available to USAA members."Good luck!


my husband and i had state farm for 10 years and they just increased their prices this last fall. no one could touch them up until that point. i know because i would call around from time to time to make sure we had the lowest rates. however, geico gave us the best rates. (almost $80 per month difference with 2 full coverage vehicles and a motorcycle). you can get a rate quote at geico.com if you have 10 minutes to fill out the info. i have not been in an accident so far with them so i can't answer how great their response is. we've been very pleased with them so far though. good luck!


We recently switched to AllState, and our insurance costs were cut in half!


Rates varies way too much per company by location, credit score, driving history, age, married or single. Each company has better rates for diffent types of situations. Thats why I try to call three or four local agents. Try FindLocalInsurance.comSource(s):http://www.findlocalinsurance.com


One thing for sure is to shop prices on every company available in your area. Most of the ones I am familiar with are not available in your area. One that I am is Progressive. While I don't personally have insurance from them, I have dealt with them since I work in the auto repair business. They have been prompt in sending out claims representitives, and whenever there was any extra cost in repairs, (due to unforseen problems) they were always willing to do whatever it took to do the job. If their price for you is reasonable, I would consider them.



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