Whats the best place to live to raise a family?

Whats the best place to live to raise a family?

I just found out I'-m pregnant with my first child.Right now I live in a loft with my husband in Louisville, KYits a great city but not really a family city.We are both prepared to move somewhere safer and more family oriented.What are good cities and states that are good for families.Thanks.


Central Illinois.Mainly the Peoria metro area, in towns such as Canton, Dunlap, Washington, Metamora, East Peoria, Pekin, and others.They all have the perfect size that you'd want in a community, and great education systems, parks, ans such.Great location between Chicago and St. Louis, and Peoria is a great city to shop in, with a population of around 115,000.Source(s):Growing up in central illinois.


Ontario, California Blue Springs, MO The midwest, Minneapolis, I don't know.


Omaha NebraskaThey have an excellent school systemIts a large city but not too crowdedHouses are nice quality and very low in priceMost areas are safe and family oriented (just stay out of the Northern part and you will be fine)There are a ton of places to find jobsThe only bad thing I can think of is that the weather is pretty unpredictable. For example, last week my kids played at the park without jackets, today they had a snow day :) You get used to it, though.Best of luck!




Gainesville, FLWe've got the GATORS, and no snow to shovel. What more could you ask for?Seriously though, a few years back Gainesville, FL was named one of Money Magazine's top 10 (?) places to raise a family. Give me a minute and I'll find a link for you.ETA:This was a word doc, not HTML, so I couldn't link it, but here is an excerpt. This is from 2007:"What, then, do the one-in-seven people who move each year look for? That’s precisely what "Cities Ranked & Rated" quantifies. Analyzing more than 400 metro areas in the U.S. and Canada by using dozens of variables, it is the ultimate sourcebook for anyone looking to find the best place to live – or who’s hungry to know how his hometown compares. This valuable resource has been completely revised and updated, giving readers the power to find the location that’s truly right for them. Each city is ranked on the following 10 major criteria:•Economy and Jobs•Cost of Living•Climate•Education•Health and healthcare•Crime•Transportation•Leisure•Arts and Culture•Overall quality of lifeWhere magazine surveys only show the big picture, "Cities Ranked & Rated" lets you get at the detailed reasons why one city might be preferable to another. Each metro-area profile includes statistics on white- versus blue-collar jobs, the number of below-zero days each year, the cost of an average doctor visit, and even its total number of Starbucks coffee shops. Extensive tables paint a fuller picture by showing America’s most literate cities, the best states for long summer evenings, and the places with the cheapest car insurance.The number-one city, Gainesville, FL, has “gained popularity among northern migrants seeking a Florida climate and intellectual stimulation without the high prices, tourist bustle, and stigma most commonly associated with the state,” according to the authors. The book also highlights Gainesville’s recreational opportunities, arts venues, opportunities for small businesses, and small-town Southern feel.The nation’s least desirable place to live, according to the authors, is Modesto, CA, which scored a zero on the book’s 100-point scale. Modesto’s lack of things to do, high cost of living, and high unemployment rate contributed to this ranking. In addition, the authors write that crime is a problem in Modesto and it was recently noted as having the highest auto theft rate in the nation."ETA:What's up with the GATOR haters?


Small towns are great to live inSince you live in KY, find maybe a small town near LouisvilleMy friend moved some where in MI, It starts with Clark or something like that, anyways I went to visit her there, it was such a pretty town. Not too small, but not big.


In these difficult times, it's a place where you / your SO can get a job.Remember, nothing is permanent. You can move somewhere that is financially beneficial for a few years, heavily pad your savings account and get some good work experience, and move somewhere else more family oriented once your kids are getting ready to start school.That said, every place is what you make of it. I have friends who live in a 1 bedroom apt in Manhattan with 3 boys (they have their boys in a hall area in built in triple bunk beds, the bottom one is a roll out crib) and it works for them. I have other friends who live on large tracts of land with a huge house filled with kids and that works for them.You need to find a place where you'll ultimately be happy. Kids adjust. Happy parents make for a happy house.EDIT: Columbia, MD? No, thanks.


Orlando, FloridaColombia, MDMedusa, ArizonaRaleigh NCSource(s):ol


Burlington, VTMiddleton, Winot sure of the rest of the list Childrens Health Magazine, did a study



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