What's the cheapest car to insure for a new driver?

What's the cheapest car to insure for a new driver?

Female, 18 passed about 2 months ago... Live in LondonAge of car etc. not important as I wanted a citroen 2CV! lol


Citroen 2CV is great fun, but not if you have a collision.Any vehicle in Group 1 or 2 should be OK. These would include some models of Corsa, the new Fiat Panda, Citroen C1/Peugeot 107/Toyota Aygo (virtually the same car), some Fiestas.Check the price/spec pages of a magazine such as 'What Car' - that will show the insurance group of most cars on the UK market. There are also websites which will show the group of older cars.Have you done 'Pass Plus'? Many insurance companies (but not all - check first) offer reduced premiums for drivers who have taken this course.The sad news, however, is that whatever you buy, it will be expensive....Enjoy your motoring, and drive safely!!


Smart Car 'city two four' and tax is only ?40 a year and u wil be conjestion charge free in a Smart Car..Source(s):I own one


ford fiesta i would think,theyre cheap to maintain and in the lowest tax bracket too,also the parts are cheap for them as they are british.Have you tried norwich unions pay as you drive insurance,you only pay for the miles you drive,its designed to help young drivers get cheaper car insurance.


a fiat uno group 1 you should br ok with the 2cv as well


Get a bike - much cheaper


a fiat seicento there cheap to insure and taxpreety sure there insurance group is 1


As a young driver, your choice of car will adversely affect your insurance premium, cars of a higher group will bring a higher premium.Insurers base the premiums on several factors including-The size of the engine.Age of the car.How likely it is for the car to be stolen.Your claim history.There are many more factors involved, but they all follow a similar template as above.Another confusing reality is that insurers tend to use differing scales to rate which group your car belongs, and thus this is only intended as a rough guide.Generally speaking, the cheapest car to insure is something in insurance group 1.Insurance Group 1Cars belonging to insurance group 1 are seen as the least likely to be involved in accidents caused by the driver, because of this the insurance cost to you is minimal.Generally, groups 1-5 are at the lower end of the scale, because they are statistically less risk than the groups above them, as well as being less appealing to criminals.Drivers in these groups are likely to be more sensible, and drive economical cars rather than performance vehicles that, because of the risk, are more expensive to insure.Below are some example makes and models from group 1.Fiat Cinquecento S 899cc 1996-1998Vauxhall Corsa Club 12V 973cc 2000-2003Skoda Fabia Classic (54) 1198cc 2003 onwardsSeat Marbella 843cc 1991Austin Mini SDL 848cc 1979-1980Older cars, such as 2CV's used a different rating scale--and now that they are classics, most insurers rate them on an individual basis--so not all insurers will consider the Marbella, the Cinquecento or the original Mini to be in group 1.Below are some example makes and models from group 2.Citroen C3 L 1124cc 2002+Daewoo Matiz Xtra 0796cc 2001Daihatsu Move Auto 0847cc 1997-2000Fiat Cinquecento Soleil 0899cc 1996Ford KA2 Copper LE 1297cc 1999There are insurers that specialise in insuring new drivers, such as the one listed below, but make sure you get a quote from at least 5 different insurers.Source(s):http://www.17to40.co.uk/index.htmlMarried to a man who once ran Honda-care Insurance and have heard the 'insurance lecture' more times than I care to think about.



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