What's the least expensive way to rent a car?

What's the least expensive way to rent a car?

Is there somewhere on line that makes renting a car less expensive?


1) Get a friend to share the cost of the rental.2) Better yet, get a friend to rent the car and ride for free!


Get a small compact car.


Top tips for booking a rental car:1. Make an Advanced BookingIf you can reserve your rental a week or more in advance, you will often get a discount. Reserving or renting at the last minute and booking during heavy travel times (like holidays) will generally cost you more, and you will also have less vehicle options as many of the cars will already be booked.When you see a good price for the rental you want – RESERVE IT THEN – it may not be available the next time you check.2. Find a Car Rental Discount Code or Rental Car CouponMany programs and associations (travel clubs, auto clubs, professional associations, etc) offer car rental discounts as part of there rewards or benefits to members. You can contact the association direct or check their website for member benefits for car rental.You may be able to find rental car coupons or specials on car rental company websites. Make sure to check the terms and conditions of these specials to see if they work for your rental. Some specials may not be able to be used in conjunction with discount codes, so make sure to check both options, to see which will give you a better price.3. Size makes a DifferenceIf you are looking for more car rental tips to save money, book only the size of vehicle that you need to meet your basic requirements.Depending upon availability, you may be able to get a free upgrade at the time of pickup. Many car rental companies overbook their smaller sizes, so if you're looking for a slightly larger vehicle, ask at the car rental counter if there are any free upgrades available.4. Rates are Usually Lower on WeekendsThe largest percentage of car rental fleets are rented from Monday-through- Friday for business travel. Leisure travelers can often find better rates on weekends when the demand for some types of cars isn’t as high. Small to large size cars will be cheaper on the weekends, but SUV's, minivans and specialty vehicles will usually be more expensive. An exception to the lower-rates-on-weekends rule of thumb, would be holiday weekends. If you don't book far enough in advance, holiday weekend rentals can be very, very expensive.5. Fill up the Tank, even if you only Drive a Little BitMost car rental companies charge a special surcharge or fee, if you drive the vehicle under a certain number of miles. The number of miles may vary from company to company, so make sure to check with the car rental location that you are renting from. If you drive the rental car under 100 miles, make sure to keep your gas receipt so that you can request a waiver of the automatic fuel surcharge, if it is applied. Most car rental companies will also offer some kind of prepaid fuel option that you can take if you don't want to have to fill up the tank before you return the car.6. Check your options regarding Rental Car InsuranceBefore you go to the rental counter, be sure to do some research on what you will need for coverage for the rental car. It's important to know your options, before accepting or declining the various coverages offered at the car rental counter. Check your personal auto insurance policy for car rental coverage as well as your credit card to see if you have any coverages that extend to or cover your rental. Check carefully to make sure that any coverage that you may have would be adequate for your particular rental. You will save a lot of money if you don't need to purchase any optional coverages, but only if you are already sufficiently covered for the rental vehicle.7. Compare Rates to Save MoneyThe easiest way to quickly compare rates for several car rental companies, is to go to a booking site and check your city (including different locations -- airport vs off airport), dates, times and vehicle size to find which company has the cheapest rate. If the rates seems reasonable and you don't have to give your credit card number, book the car. Then, go to that particular company's website, directly, and see if you can get a cheaper rate on the same vehicle using car rental discount codes or a special from the site.If you find a cheaper rate, book it and then go back and cancel the reservation that you made on the booking site.8. Pick up and Return the Rental Car at the Same Time of DayMost car rental companies charge based on 24 hour days, starting at the exact time when you pick up your car. (Not the time that you said you would pick it up!) It is rare now to get much of a grace period for returning the vehicle, although some car rental companies will offer a 29 minute grace period. Pick up and return at or by the same time of day to keep your price down and avoid being charged for an extra day. Make sure to check at the rental counter, to see if there is a grace period for returns, in case you are late.9. Check Back, after you've made a ReservationIf you book a car rental reservation 3 weeks or more, in advance, calSource(s):Best Car Rental Tips.com website



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