When buying a used car, when are you actually suppose to get it checked out by a mechanic?

When buying a used car, when are you actually suppose to get it checked out by a mechanic?

Does the dealer ask if you want to get it checked out or do you have to inquire? Also is there a certain time to get it checked out before the purchase? Its my first time purchasing a used car and I don'-t want to look stupid at the dealership. Thanks for the help.


The dealer will try to make it hard for you because they want a fast sale. You will probably have to insist that you have the opportunity to take it in. Just find a local mechanic and take the car in while you are on your test drive. Bottom line - don't sign anything (except an application) until you get the car checked out.A few other tips...before you buy the car, you should go to e-loan.com and get preapproved. The dealership will probably try to give you a really high interest rate (they make money on that) If they do, then you can say, "Well, I've already been approved at X% by e-loan, so if you can't beat that, then I'll just wait for my power check..."Also, you should really know what the car is worth before you buy it and make sure you are getting a good deal. Print out ads for the same car with prices so you can make sure that their price is in line. Bring those ads with you and insist that you get a similar deal. Never pay the asking price.Also, go to carmax and get them to tell you how much they would give you for your car. Sometimes if they give you a good deal on a car, they try to rip you off on your trade. Print out sold autos on e-bay or bring in the black book (which will give you a more accurate price than the blue book) to see what you should get. Don't get ripped off on your trade. They will INSTANTLY know that you are a first time buyer, and jump at the chance to rip you off!Dealers try to act like they're your friend. They push you into getting the car today. They are VERY good at this. They are not your friend, in fact they are evil, just remember that. If they won't work with you (fair price, low interest rate) WALK OUT OF THE DEALERSHIP. Trust me, the car will still be there in a few days when they call you back begging for you to come back in. I saved thousands on my first car this way. My dad dragged me out of the dealership crying, then two days later I had the same car that was $9,000 for $6700 and a WAY lower interest rate.Last, don't get GAP insurance, a warranty... You can get all that later for half the price. They try to trick you by saying "Your payment will only be $xxx per month" instead of telling you how much you are paying. These guys are real scum.


Before you purchase the car speak with the dealer and ask him if you can take it to your mechanic to look it over. If he really wants to sell it and believes it is a good car then he should let you. Or if you know a mechanic you can ask them to go by the dealership and look over the car. My brother has done that for me before. I would also highly recommend checking it out on Car Fax. You can do a one time look or get an unlimited check for one month. I usually do the one month on Car Fax and check out any car I am interested in. It not only will give you the available history of the car but also some comments from previous owners on how their car performed as well as results of crash studies. And also since this is your first time it may be best to take someone with you that has purchased a car before. Some used car dealers may try to take advantage of you. I have had that happen before also.


u have to inquire it un less he tells u on the history report of the used car


idk but u can go to the link at the bottom and buy another car for like $300- $500www.seizecars.com/?hop=1461d



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