When filling out a form, who do I put down for witness?

When filling out a form, who do I put down for witness?

I'-m filling out an auto insurance cancellation form. It'-s quite confusing, is that for me to fill out?


Call the insurance company and ask them, and don’t sign the form until they explain it. If they require a witness for a signature, you’ll have to have a notary, or show up at their office. Then again, if you call, they may just tell you they want another adult, and it could be anybody.They are just trying to protect themselves from you saying “I never cancelled.” Without a witness, it would just be your word against theirs.>


Cancellation form? That would be the person that witnesses you signing. Likely you don't need a notary (but check!), but you will need someone (typically unrelated to you) that will watch you sign and agrees that they will testify that it was YOU that signed.



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