When getting your car inspected do they call your auto insurance company?

When getting your car inspected do they call your auto insurance company?

I was just wondering if in Pennsylvania when getting your car inspected do they call your insurance company to make sure you have insurance on the vehicle or do they just look at your insurance card.


I hope that you have insurance.... If you are driving on the same roads as I...


They don't look nor call, they don't have to. This information has been on line in PA since 1997. If your current insurance bill isn't paid, your file will be flagged and they can revoke your drivers license.


No state employees are lazy and lack any initiative.never worry about that


Let me put it this way, don't be showing them an invalid card thinking it won't be checked.


n Ohio they do not do this as part of the aims inspection... they do look under the vehicle to make sure that the federal mandated systems r n place converter and such


they look at your card thats it as long as the date is good


No they don't call to checkSource(s):Ins. Claims Person


i live in lock haven pa and they just check your card here


i know in the state of west virginia they dont...or well i have never had them call...i am pretty sure all u need is proof of insurance to get a sticker.....so as long as u have a good insurance card then u should be set....i doubt some mechanic is going to take the time to look up the number and call....



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