Where can I find a reasonably-priced 2.0L engine for a 1980 Vanagon?

Where can I find a reasonably-priced 2.0L engine for a 1980 Vanagon?

Air-cooled. Cooked the last one. Thanks!


have you tried www.car-part.com Here are a few responses I got:1981EngineVolkswagen Van Vanagon TESTED 30 DAY WARRANTY #V1 $2250 Rishel's Auto Parts, Inc. USA-PA(Turbotville) E-mail 1-570-437-3002 1891982EngineVolkswagen Van Vanagon CORE SOLD RITECYL HEAD 116,000--km--186,795 A 080149 $1500--Can--$1500.00 Malahat Auto Parts Can-BC(Victoria) Request_Quote 1-800-663-8820 1-250-478-4751 Request_Insurance_Quote24251982EngineVolkswagen Van Vanagon *CORE*,Vanagon,GAS,A IR COOLED,W/PARTS 118,000 A A1329 $Call Westwood Auto And Truck Parts USA-OH(Toledo) Request_Quote 1-866-317-9271 Request_Insurance_Quote441Engine07A01 $Call A-German Auto Parts and Service USA-CA(San-Jose) E-mail 1-408-993-9711 24581980EngineVolkswagen Van Vanagon (VIN 'A')-ON THE RACK L16215 $Call Can-Am Auto Salvage USA-CA(Ontario) E-mail 1-909-983-9695 22971982EngineVolkswagen Van Vanagon 6-82,2.0L,F4,CORE 2A1943 $Call Austin Veedub, Inc. USA-TX(Austin) E-mail 1-800-282


you have to find the VW specialists in your area. do a google search "Volkswagen Repairs San Francisco" or whatever town you are in.




If you are looking for a used engine, you can try a website called U Need A Part, http://www.uneedapart.com. There you can make a request for the engine and your request will be sent to hundreds of salvage yards all over the US. If any have the engine you need they will get back to you with a price. It works great when I'm looking for parts for my Jetta, hopefully it works good for older VW's too!Source(s):http://www.uneedapart.com



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