Where can I find an auction?

Where can I find an auction?

For used Infinitis in Florida, around the Tampa/Orlando area? Specifically a G37 coupe journey, preferably a 2008. Where is the best deal for one?


Well the only two auctions i know about are mostly salvage cars. Theres salvage direct but its for dealers only. And theres also Insurance Auto Auction. They both have several branches in the US so im pretty sure you can find one near you. IAA is for dealers but for public buyers as well. You can find vehicles with clean titles as well in those auctions so take a look :-) hope i helpedSource(s):Www.IAA.comWww.salvagedirect.com


Try the want ads in your local paper or ask tow companies when they are having their next auction. Or how about clicking on "Auto auctions in Tampa"




tryy this new invention called google.


Lots of auctions in the tampa orlando area.Id venture to say that any worth going to are for dealers only.And you cant be that picky as to make & model. A large auction may only have a total of 3 infinities a week out of hundreds of cars.



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