Where can I find an insurance agency that will insure and bond a new auto repossession company in southern Wis?

Where can I find an insurance agency that will insure and bond a new auto repossession company in southern Wis?

I am looking to start a new asset recovery company in southern Wisconsin. I am looking for only the basic minimum required insurances and bond. Where can I find a provider?


You'll need a local, INDEPENDENT agent. You can find one at www.iiaba.net, using the agent locator button, but be prepared to make a lot of phone calls - or look for one that specializes in auto/trucking/transportation, in your local yellow pages.You can also try calling a few other auto repo agencies in your area, or even long distance in WI, and ask them which agent they use.


You should know better. The minimum insurance is nowhere near enough. You need at least 500,000 liability and at least 100,000 property damage. You also need EO coverage.Try the Yellow pages for a local agent.



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