Where can I find more math questions like this one?

Where can I find more math questions like this one?

An auto insurance has 10,000 policyholders. Each policyholder is classifiedas(i) young or old-(ii) male or female-(iii) married or single.Of these policyholders, 3000 are young, 4600 are male, and 7000 are married.The policyholders can also be classified as 1320 young males, 3010 marriedmales, and 1400 young married persons. Finally, 600 of the policyholders areyoung married males.How many of the company'-s policyholders are young, female, and single?


3000 policyholders are young.1320 are young males so 1680 are young females.600 are young, married males so 1400 - 600 = 800 are young, married females.1680 young females of which 800 are married thus 880 are single.There are 880 young, single females.Check out Diophantine Equations on the web for similar problems.



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