Where can I find salvage motorcycles directly from the insurance company?

Where can I find salvage motorcycles directly from the insurance company?

I'-m interested in purchasing cheap parts bikes directly from the insurance companies after a wreck. I am mostly interested in Harleys and I don'-t have any interest in these gimmicky websites where you pay a fee and there are not a lot of bikes. I'-ve looked at ebay but these are usually bikes being sold from the "-person"- who bought it from the insurance company (ie premium). There are some public auto auctions, but these are usually only limited to dealers. But maybe that is my only choice?


Insurance companies that I know don't sell damaged vehicles directly to the public. They are normally turned over to a salvage broker (junk yard) and either sold off in pieces or as rebuildable wrecks. Since it's winter time in most of the country, and not as many motorcycles on the road as in summertime, there probably are not as many wrecks being processed this time of year, but EBay usually has a good selection of wrecked motorcycles being sold by salvage yards.


call motor cycle shops and ask.


Most major cities have Insurance Auction lots, and that is where they dispose of the bikes/vehicles claimed to be totalled in wrecks. Remember though, that there are a lot of other people who are in the business of vehicle salvage that are doing the same thing, and if it is cheap, it is "cheap". You are fighting an uphill battle here. Good luck, and maybe you want to go to Craigslist to look, or even post an ad that you are interested in buying wrecked or used bikes.


I would just put an add on Graigslist in the motorcycle section stating that you buy and haul away unused Motorcycles, Place the add a few times a week and surrounding cities and Im sure you will get some hits ,Buying from Insurance companys they put on the title "Rebuilt" and that is what makes the bike not worth much any more .You may be surprised how many people hold on to bikes they never ride and the ole ladys wants to clean up the Garage and get rid of a bike that is just sitting around / Good Luck


Try going to www.crashedtoys.com They usually have quite a few.


Wisconsin- Dane county area - has a cycle salvage yard that gets about 1/2 the odd wrecks in area directly from the insurance companies. They are license salvage and retail dealer. The other about 1/2 the wrecks go to auto salvage yards as side business - the insurance company has long establish business relationship with the yard for cars and a bike they insured and paid off on goes to the yard that does their cars. The bikes may be crushed or sold to the brand/make dealers for spares or sold retail or parts from yard same as car parts. The 10% or so not sent to salvage yard direct because held by munincipal authorities for a while get put on auction periodicaly. The local Insurance pool yard has some bikes for awhile- some can be purchased direct. The yard is used by many of the area insurance companies- a place to tow accident vehicles for inspection and hold without paying city storage costs. Insurance companies dispose of some vehicles direct to shops or rebuilders as private sales, sometimes back to owners after settlement. check your insurance companies for their disposal outlet- maybe you can get a couple without a dealers license..



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