Where can I get car insurance in Colorado (during the wildfires)?

Where can I get car insurance in Colorado (during the wildfires)?

I applied for auto insurance today and got the message, "-We Are Unable to Complete Your Request. Coverage is not available in your location because of a natural disaster or other emergency situation."-I just bought a new car and now I can'-t drive it until these stupid fires go out, but I still have to go to work, still have to go to the grocery store, etcSo what am I supposed to do? My daily life has not changed from the fire, and I need to be able to drive!!


Go to a local insurance company office staffed by full time professionals to get an insurance quote.."E" insurance is the same as talking to a robot or a mindless voice on the telephone. deal with real people and real insurance companies.


I dont think they will provide you coverage. Its the same thing like if there is a hurricane coming directly to your area, they arent going to provide you coverage because they know they will be at a loss.


There are many, many companies offering auto insurance in Colorado. Have you tried more than one of them? With some work, you may be able to find a company willing to offer you coverage. An independent insurance agent (one who sells insurance from several different companies) might be able to help. You should be able to find one using the Yellow Pages.



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