Where can i get cheap auto insurance for an 18 year old student with a 2000 mustang?

Where can i get cheap auto insurance for an 18 year old student with a 2000 mustang?

Well this may sound like a long shot, but I just recently bought my son a 2000 Ford Mustang, Now its insurance time, hes 18, gets A'-s in school and has had drivers ed. Why do the quotes from Progressive and esurance estimate its going to cost nearly $500 a month, even with a 1990 honda junker it still cost nearly $400 do these prices seem reasonable, i cant recall them being that high, when i first got insurance, thanks.


Look at State Farm and other insurers who offer a "good student" discount. One strike against you on the premium is the fact that you bought a Mustang. This is considered a sports car in vehicle ratings (IRG) and add to that an 18 year old single male and it causes actuaries everywhere to shudder. Those are all high risk elements when figuring a premium. However, if he's in your household and you have multiple policies with the same company and he's got the grades AND you have a good claim history with no accidents, that will give you the best rate. If he didn't have a car that had to carry collision coverage, it would be a lot cheaper but what's done is done. No matter the cost, be sure he has at least $100,000/$300,000 liability limits.Source(s):Auto injury claim rep for 23 years


Shop around and get quotes from different insurance companies. The DMV offers great resources for affordable insurance. Since your 18 years old with a mustang, theres no such thing as cheap insurance and because of your age and style of car. Expect expensive insurance. It might be less expensive if yu were driving a sedan, a car with four doors.


if he is living at home can you put him on your policy (the premium takes advantage of your experience) - it will be extremely high for an 18 year old to have a stand alone policy regardless of vehicle -- will the car need comp (other than collission) and/or collission coverage or just liability - these factors add or subtract from the premium - the amount of deductibles - the limit of liabilty do you want for the mustang - the state minimum requirements or somewhere between the state and the highest levels


The terms "18 year old" and "cheap auto insurance" NEVER go together.You also purchased a 'performance' vehicle for your son. Expect to pay a lot for the insurance. Those rates will go up with the first accident or ticket.Let your son know all of this.


Sports car, 18 year old -- nope, there is no cheap insurance.If you are looking to put him on his own policy, many insurance companies won't take him at all. You're best bet is to add him to your insurance policy. But it still won't be cheap.


Try AAA and Safeco. They are the only companies I have seen that give kids a good break unless you are willing to insure it under you. Farmers has the good student discount if he is in your household and under your policy.Source(s):Agent



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