Where can I get the best deal for auto insurance?

Where can I get the best deal for auto insurance?

Currently my wife and I get our insurance through SafeCo. We'-re both in out mid-30s and have great driving records (mine is perfect). We'-re paying $188/month ('-07 Pilot, '-00 Tundra).Any recommendations on where we can get a better rate?


Its not the same for everybody, but me and a coulple friends found that AAA is much cheaper than what other places quoted.


try a general search online for cheap car insurance, and get some quotes from diffrent companies..Allstate has a good insurance plan and so does state farmif you dont like either of those then there is geicowww.geico.com and they claim to be realy cheapI go through AIG,,and am very pleased with them - they have 24 hour road side assistance as well...check them all out - they all have websites, and you best bet is to do your homework and get different quotes



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