Where do I go to get medi-cal to sign off on a 3rd party check from auto insurance company for car accident ?

Where do I go to get medi-cal to sign off on a 3rd party check from auto insurance company for car accident ?

At the time of the accident medi-cal paid the hospital bills. Now the auto insurance company is issuing a settlement check but it is a 3rd party check issued to my husband, medi-cal and blue cross. They both have to sign off on it before it can be cashed. But no one seems to be able to tell me where I have to take it to get it signed off.


That's because you can't get it signed off. You can't cash that check. The POINT of Medi-Cal being listed, is that THEY get the money for their medical bills reimbursed.You *might* be able to get the adjuster to reissue the check, one to you for your share, one to Medi-Cal for their share, and one to Blue Cross for their share. But Medi-Cal will be a deposit only, and since they're broke, I sure wouldn't trust them to pay BC or your husband their shares.


Medi-Cal wants their money back for paying your husband's medical bills. I would not expect any money out of the check unless there is a separate payment for "pain and suffering".Call the claims representative and ask.



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