Where in Arizona, is a place for you to get an international drivers license?

Where in Arizona, is a place for you to get an international drivers license?

If possible, i would like it to be in the gilbert area


Known as an International Driving Permit (IDP), the U.S. State Department has authorized two organizations to issue IDPs - the American Automobile Association (enter your location carefully), and the American Automobile Touring Alliance, which offers IDPs through the National Automobile Club .NOTE: These are the ONLY two authorized places for U.S. residents to get an IDP: all other locations and sources on the Internet are not authorized, and some are scams that promise a lot, and charge even more, for a document that may not be accepted where you are traveling. The department warns tourists intending to drive overseas to first check with the embassy or consulate of the countries they plan to visit to learn about the requirements for driver's license, road permits, and auto insurance.You can get an international drivers license at any AAA office. It looks like the nearest office is in Pheonix.Source(s):Wikipedia



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