Where to find Auto Insurance Singapore's company cover also come with a Webhosting for free?

Where to find Auto Insurance Singapore's company cover also come with a Webhosting for free?

Recently I noticed from a friend there is an Auto Insurance company in Singapore offer a Life Webhosting for free come under the package when they purchased car insurance policy from them. I would like to know which company because my company needed to create a website and it is cost saving. Thanks

So mainly you're looking for a place where they will let you have a free website right? unfortunatley I don't know any company with such offer in Singapore (Nor do I live there..) but you can always google things out like "How to creat me own website for free" however I'm not sure if there is any possible way of having a free domain though :omaybe this site might help???http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/build-a-fre…p.s could you kindly help my personal question here pretty please and thank you have a nice day/night sir :)http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index-…




Just wanted to thank you for your answer. on my other question lol sorry i didnt know how else to comment it. Youre right forgiveness is key. Thanks:)



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