Where to find inexpensive auto insurance?

Where to find inexpensive auto insurance?

I just moved to Florida and I'-m trying to find decent, inexpesive auto insurance near Tampa. I have one accident at fault. I am married. Please help.


You can do a lot of price comparison on the internet.I'd suggest going to esurance. com for starters, but you can sometimes hit paydirt right there where you are around Tampa.Know what you are shopping for in the way of coverage and that makes your search a lot easier.


just look on the inter net gieco


The best thing to do is shop around, online as well. So much depends on many questions, it's difficult to say who would be cheaper. For myself and family, we have AARP, prior to this, I've had NationWide, Progressive, AIG, StateFarm, so make some calls and comparison shop. Good luck.


google it


You should check out the page below because it has information about Florida's insurance requirements as well as an option to receive free insurance quotes from varioous companies like Progressive, Esurance, and Geico.http://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/car-insura…Source(s):www.dmv.org


Visit www.progressive.com I have not been able to find anyone that could meet or beat their rates.


go to esurance.com. or even progressive.com


Basically take some time and call every listing in the phone book. When I tried the places online most were big companies and cost atleast twice of what i'm paying now. When you talk to a live person they are more accurate and usually will give you a decent deal.


To save money on insurance just carry less coverage.However before you do that, read this group for all the unhappy people who are now outta luck because they didn't have enough coverage.My favorite is the guys who picked cheaper insurance that didn't include gap insurance... they were underwater (bluebook < owed) and they wrecked, they now owe their finance company thousands.



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