Which auto insurance company offers best price and delivers coverage quickest?

Which auto insurance company offers best price and delivers coverage quickest?

I am in need of auto insurance, but for a first time driver, which offers best price and gets you covered faster? GEICO, Nationwide, AllState?


any independent agent locally there can write you or geico or any house for that matter.....the kicker for you is.......if you havent had auto ins in the last six mos, they might reject youor penalize you cuz they want to know why hasnt there been coverage in place...they canreview your history/record in a matter of minutes and determine if anyone will write you ornot, and the independent agent can work with any number of carriers- you really dont wantto be turned down in applying cuz your record/name becomes tainted and no matter thecarrier, they can all see that as well. so best to pick the agent near you/get it started..andbe prepared for that six month question


You need an insurance broker who deals in automotive cover, he will broke the best deal for you based on your requirements.


Price is not everything. Look for the best company or the best auto insurance agent.


There's no "one size fits all" cheapest, but Geico and Progressive deliver coverage the fastest, because you can buy online with them. So you could have coverage in 20 minutes with either of them. It won't be cheap, though.



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