Which blue book value does the insurance company give you when your car is totaled?

Which blue book value does the insurance company give you when your car is totaled?

Hi. Thursday my wife'-s car was hit by a train. DON'-T WORRY!!! She wasn'-t in it. Synopsis: The railroad tore out the crossing without barricading the gap in the seldom used road. Nobody was currently working on it. She went to the nearest house to get help. Less than 2 minutes after getting the car stuck, a train demolished it completely. (In your answer leave email if you would like to see pics.) There were also no signs or warnings. Conductor of the train, police officer, and even railroad official admitted that we have VERY strong "-no brainer"- case against the railroad. Anyways, we are dealing with our insurance company regarding the car. My question for you is which blue book value would we get from the insurance company for the wrecked car. We have full coverage with a $500.00 deductible. Please only serious, knowledgeable answers.


The lowest, but take the second offer.Master.


If it is covered by the policy, the insurance will give blue book value adjusted by the condition of the vehicle. Things like hight mileage will bring the value down, things like new tires will bring it up. Your agent is best able to answer your questions.


I believe it is Kelly's Blue Book. They also check mileage.They also have a high & low price. You never get what u look for Good luck.


i think kelly blue book not to sure...good luck


Actually, you have NO case against the railroad..The train has the right of way.. Simple as that - she should not have attempted to cross seeing there were no fillers in the center...Crossings are the LOCAL MUNICIPALITES problem because the tracks are a FEDERAL right of way, and the local roads were put in over the tracks, AFTER, by the towns.. Of course they make the railroads maintain them which is backwards- the towns should if they want all the "bells and whistles".Its called bad timing... She knew the tracks were there, the railroad crew couldn't do anything short of applying the brake and waiting for the train to stop...Source(s):Years as a industry insider...


Wow, a wide variety of wrong answers.The blue book value is used as a guide only. You will get paid average retail for the car. They will have to produce some listings of comparable vehicles on the used market and pay you what it costs to replace the car. Of course this means that if you were upside down in your auto loan when it was totaled, you still will be. If you are right-side up you can take the payoff, pay off the remaining of your loan if any and use the surplus to buy a new vehicle.People often confuse the process and think they got screwed by the insurance company. In fact the status of their car loan to equity to value of the car was probably bad when they started. The worst case scenario is that you should get enough to get a car of the same year make and model and mileage with what you are paid and will still owe the same payoff to your financing institution.


i dont know if it will help but u can go to www.kbb.com kelly blue book or www.nada.com and find out the price but i would say they would use one of those


Most of the time it's the average between trade in and high detail. Depends on the condition before it was wrecked. They will call around to the dealers in your area to find an appoximate value from them as well, in other words, what they would appraise it at.Source(s):My girlfriend manages an Insurance agency in NE Texas. I asked her the question, this was her answer.


the loan value. or if you are paying on it they will pay it off


dont settle till they give you hi book price also they are responsable for rent a car fees. and loss of work for the day


you can go to the dealer and get a estemate of what your car was worth.they are like there different estemate. fair ,clean and extra clean. make sure you get the right one.Source(s):yahoo.com


When my car was totaled they offered the blue book and I negotiated due to the condition of my car before it got smashed. There is always room :)



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