Which car is best for a 1st time car buyer?

Which car is best for a 1st time car buyer?

I will be buying a car in 2007- or in the begining of 2008.. out of the following which one would you choose for a 1st time car buyer...1- 2007 Nissan Murano SE AWD2- 2007 Dodge Nitro SX 4x43- 2007 Subaru B9 TribecaI'-ve done the safety ratings search and stuff, so what do you guys think?Have a happy new year!


do not listen to cryinggrai I know you are not rich and not spoiled I cannot drive a car at all because my eyes sight are poor howeve I do know a lot about cars becaus I am really into cars. for first time buyer I would get a 4x4 on your second car becuse the 4x4 you have to pay more on car insurances I would not go witht he dodge for some reason they break down a lot espeicaly if you get an auto transmission becusae if auto trams break down than it is $3,000 to replace the whole new trams mission if you can get a stick shift woudl be best to have but if you hvae to go with auto trams than you be best to get any japanese cars like Nisson and subaru you had in mind. Toyota got great gas milage I heard that Toyota Echo give you 40MPG Hybrid give you 45 but hybrid are expensive though My step mom have a toyota hybrid and theya re great car to have but bottom like that if battery for engine goes down that Okay it is regular battery you can get anywhere if Hybrid batter goes down than that take almost two weeks ro order unless you go to a toyota dealier replace the hybrid battery. An Audi and Infinty are great car they handle very well from what I understand. I would drop honda cars becuse too many people got Honda cars like my mother have a 1994 Honda Car and still work great I forgot how much milage she have on her car now. if you ahve anymore question just post your question and one of will be more than happy to answer your question you may have.


Whichever has low maintenance, high gas values, warrantys, & attractive.


toyota yaris




The Nissan and the Dodge are not going to be the most reliable choices (check Consumer Reports for reliability)The B9Tribeca is a bit underpowered, but at least it should be reliable.Buying a first model year Dodge is insane if you want a reliable car. You can expect recalls and problems with that. Get it OFF your list PLEASE.The Murano is very nice actually. It's a tossup between the Murano and the B9. I say rule out the POS Dodge and test drive those two and see which you prefer.The planet and the crowded roads don't really need more SUVs getting 15 mpg out there and you probably won't like it too much either when we declare war on Iran next year and gas goes to $3.75 a gallon---- so I'd strongly encourage you to consider something more car like, unless you really are going to be driving up to your ski lodge all winter and you need 4x4 and 10 inches of ground clearance.Also as a first time driver, you'd be better off with something a bit smaller, easier to handle and with a lower center of gravity like a CAR.I suggest a Toyota Matrix or a Subaru Forester even, if you want something SUV-like and you'll save yourself (or your parents) a lot of money by choosing one of those instead of a Yuppie status symbol SUV.


first time is the best and most special, dont u think? try the scion TC


first of all those arnt cars and they arnt good at all. espsially for a first time buyer. the only car u wud suggest is a Toyta Camry. it won Car and Drivers car of the year award. nuff said.


My friend has a Murano and loves it


If I have to choose i'd pick the Subaru.But if you want to be smart with your money, I would recommend buying a used car. Don't get a new car. The first year is when your car depreciates the greatest. My first car had over 100k miles when I got it, I had that car for six years and I've only had minor problems with it.


depends on how old you are and where do you live? in the country, get a truck, in the city get a beater since you will dent it, a new driver shouldn't start out in a new car :)


None of the above..... get a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. GREAT starter car. Very affordable and very sporty.


nissan murano, its got AWD and its not too powerful. its the safest of the 3. dodge's dont age well and same for subaru.


3-2007 Nisan murano SE AWD


The truth is I'd pick the Subaru if I couldn't afford a Toyota.


Get a Toyota. They are great on gas and last FOREVER.


You are buying a first car and planning on a 2007??? I am so depressed as I look out the window at my 10 year old GEO.I would do some research and see what the consumer reviews say on each model.Back in the day, I was a HUGE Dodge fan--but now-a-days I would stay clear of them. So the decision for me would be between the Subaru and the Nissan. I would lean toward the Nissan as they run forever.


Any car made by Subaru


nissan because it will have a higher resale value when you are done with it. american cars drop value like a stone.


Get the Nitro!


dodge is more dependant. i dont like how nissan's and subaru's are put togetherdodge nitro can be pimped out later too


if its ur first car, i recomend to buy a used car.....you will kill the new car, cause u dont have enough experienceu will waste ur money and sell it for less later


Subaru would give you the best gas mileage, but the Nissan is likely to have less problems. I'd eliminate buying the Dodge Nitro because it's not a good as it's rated and advertised. If it were me buying the car, I'd go with the Tribeca because Subaru is looking to establish a hold on the SUV market and the Tribeca fits most people better because it's safe and still a managable vehicle (not too big, wide, or bulky).


none of them. buy a used Honda. Cost you half as much with little maintenance and last you twice as long.


Honda Accord or Toyota Camry


Toyota Matrix!I recently test drove one, and it rocks!!


The Nissan Murano would be my choice. Happy New Year.


Go with the maserati, if not then try the Murano.


none! mini cooper bebe!


dodge nitro ulala


a honda is always a good car trust worthy


if u live in snow country u should get 4x4 but small.



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