Which is the best company to be with for auto insurance?

Which is the best company to be with for auto insurance?

I am with Allstate right now and recently there is some some kind of issue going on with them. I am not sure what it is and if it has been resolved. But, I need to know if there is a much better auto insurance provider than Allstate. I have been with Farmers and I think they are OK.


I’ll spare you all the details, but I have been with them for 3 years. Their prices have always been great, and I periodically check other company’s prices. Soon after I started with them I totaled my car aftre getting hit by a deer. They were wonderful. They gave me a contact at the company so I could call the same person directly whenever I had a question. The value they gave me for my car (which had 140,000 miles on it) was very generous, I thought. And when I asked if I could send them recent repair bills I had paid, they had me send the past 2 years, after which they raised the amount they gave me by $400. In addition, they paid for rental car for 3 weeks so I could find the right replacement for me. This was a very good experience. I was amazed.More recently, my daughter rear-ended someone in my car. They provided us with a rental car for a week and had the car repaired at my choice of station (among a list they gave me). They guarantee the work in addition to the guarantee that comes with the repair. Also a good experience.As much as I hate saying I like any insurance company, in my experience, Geico is as good as it gets.Source(s):www.geico.com


Allstate gives me the shivers. They insured my former husband and I years ago. We live in Northern Illinois, and in Southern Wisconsin was a man with the same name and middle initial as my ex. This fella had quite the driving record. When he got a DUI with illegal transport of liquor, Allstate threw up their "Good Hands" and dropped us like a hot potato, even though we tried everything to convince them about the mixup. (This guy never paid his bills, either, and we got collection agency calls for him).We went to American Family and explained up front about our situation. American Family saw the different Soc. Sec. numbers, and insured us. Allstate couldn't be bothered with that.I recently compared rates with different companies and online. American Family is the lowest I've found, with multiple car rates, home rates, and good student discounts. I recommend them highly.


Check out cosumers' opinions of their companies at:http://www.jdpower.com/insurance/ratings…


Insurance companies have ratings like A, A+....Allstate is a good company, there are several good companies. Just make sure you choose one with an A+ rating and you will be fine.


I use Liberty Mutual, their prices are reasonable and they give me good solid reliable coverage.


cant get true quotes here/get insurance in your zip code and phone local/thats the only way


I’m wondering if the answer will vary by the state you are in concerning rates and even which companies provide in your state. I live in California, so my answer is based on that.I have used GEICO in the past. Great insurance, great service, perhaps a little high on the price. I used to know a guy who worked in the industry and he advised against just taking whatever insurance is cheapest because as he put it "you never know what they are worth until you need to file a claim." That would be the advantage of going with a GEICO, Allstate, Farmer’s, etc.Later, I got a huge rate cut with Progressive, so I went with them. After a few years, GEICO offered the same rate cut and I switched back.Earlier this year, I got married and my wife and I combined our policies. We were amazed by the auto insurance offered by Costco, which is Ameriprise. They literally cut out auto insurance in half! Needless to say we are with them now. I have done some research and have heard no complaints on them in California.I guess the real answer to the question depends on what you consider the best. If it’s the cheapest and you’re a Costco member, I would definitely check out Ameriprise.I should point out I never had a problem with any of them except for the one time GEICO raised my rate.



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