Who is the cheapest auto insurance carrier in FL?

Who is the cheapest auto insurance carrier in FL?

Who is the cheapest auto insurance carrier in FL?


It depends on many individual factors, such as age, driving history and car you wish to insure. Since all carriers rate these factors slightly differently, it is hard to tell, as my insurance company may give me good rates, but you very high rates.The best way to find out is to get an online insurance quote. This will compare all companies in your area and find you the company that offers you the best rates.You can get a free quote at http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…


Too many variable factorsYour ageDriving recordOthers in the householdyour carHow far you drive to workyour zip code


I think USAA is pretty good.


That depends on so many factors like your driving record, what sort of car you have, what coverage you want, and how many miles you drive to work or school. I have had Allstate for the past several years because they saved me about $400 over State Farm, but you'll have to make some calls to find out what will be the least expensive for you.



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try mercury, aig, or progressive...get a free online insurance quote here...http://www.autoinsurancepros.netSource(s):http://www.autoinsurancepros.net

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