Who Offers the Best Auto Insurance?

Who Offers the Best Auto Insurance?

who offers the best coverage,customer service,no problems with claims?- Progressive- Amco- Fred Loya insurance- AAA- E-surance- State Farm- Allstate- Any others yall know that operate in TexasWhy or why not?


in ohio progressive is usually the cheapest (depending on the agent) but i have never had a claim so i cant speak to that end of it.


go to JDPOWERS AND ASSOCIATES website. you can put in your area and compare all the companies on service, claims, etc... then take the top 2 or 3 and call for a quote.Source(s):agent


That's like asking who makes the best coffee--you'll get a different answer from each reply. You can find out a lot about the different companies' service from a page like J D Power & Associates, which rates companies by consumer response, or by Googling "complaints (name of company)." Consumer Reports has also rated auto insurers by customers' replies- you can probably find that issue at your library.



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