Why can't people understand the need for insurance mandate?

Why can't people understand the need for insurance mandate?

The right wants to privatize everything,In the health care industry the only way the insurance companies can survive if they are to end their discrimination against those with preexisting conditions is for everyone to be covered.The math does not work out unless all people are compelled to buy insurance---this is something the insurance companies lobbied for to go along with the Affordable Care Act.Right wing philosophy is a walking contradiction.Obama care is privatization. Why are they opposed to it? If there were no mandate, there would be the public option.


Explain why there is a $2 billion slush fund to help large companies with the costs associated with BFD Obamacare! The UAW, GM, AT&T, Verizon, and GE are among the companies who have received money. The UAW is one of 1000 organizations on the BFD Obamacare waiver list. Liberals went into convulsions over the fact that GE paid no income tax last year but are strangely quiet about them getting taxpayer money! Why is that?Where is the money going? According to the new report, the biggest single recipient of an early-retiree bailout is the United Auto Workers, which has so far received $206,798,086. Other big recipients include AT&T, which received $140,022,949, and Verizon, which received $91,702,538. General Electric, in the news recently for not paying any U.S. taxes last year, received $36,607,818. General Motors, recipient of a massive government bailout, received $19,002,669.The program also paid large sums of money to state governments. The Public Employees Retirement System of Ohio received $70,557,764- the Teacher Retirement System of Texas received $68,074,118- the California Public Employees Retirement System, or CalPERS, received $57,834,267- the Georgia Department of Community Health received $57,936,127- and the state of New York received $47,869,044. Other states received lesser but still substantial sums.http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/belt…


They do not want the government setting profit margins. The HCA requires everybody to buy health care which would cause the prices to sky rocket without some control on price. That control is that it mandates that 85% of money the company brings in be spent on health care.This severely limits the amount that can be paid out in bonuses to executives and salesman. Those people are currently in the top 1% of the income scale and provide the majority of money to political candidates particularly the Republican candidates. They also control the media.Waivers were written into the law specifically for the problems that were foreseen in the transition and are just a red herring.


It's more political advantageous for them to ignore that need. The right cares more about seizing political power than solving national problems.


Explain why over 1,000 corporations and unions have been given wavers.


As the Lady said...Funny he gives his supporters waivers...That alone proves his Mandate is Junk !!!



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