Why did Obama government create Toyota "false" unintended acceleration issue right after GM/Chrysler bailout?

Why did Obama government create Toyota "false" unintended acceleration issue right after GM/Chrysler bailout?

******James Sikes alleged unintended acceleration case*******On March 8, 2010, a 2008 Prius allegedly uncontrollably accelerated to 94 miles per hour on a California Highway (US), and the Prius had to be stopped with the verbal assistance of the California Highway Patrol as news cameras watched.[174] The incident received national news coverage, with initial reporting including inaccurate information about the event, such as the claim that a CHP car was used to physically block Sikes'- vehicle.[175][176] Subsequent investigations uncovered suspicious information about the alleged runaway Prius driver, 61-year-old James Sikes, including being US$19,000 behind in his Prius car payments and with US$700,000 in accumulated debt.[177][178] Sikes stated he wanted a new car as compensation for the incident.[177][179] Analyses by Edmunds.com and Forbes found Sikes'- acceleration claims and fears of shifting to neutral implausible, with Edmunds concluding that "-in other words, this is BS"-,[180] and Michael Fumento in Forbes analyzing Sikes'-s claims related to the mechanics of his Prius and his own contradictions, such as saying he didn'-t want to take his hands off the steering wheel to shift into neutral even though he held a cell phone in his hand almost the entire time, comparing it to the balloon boy hoax.[178] Further government investigator tests on Sikes'-s Prius reportedly showed that the brake wear were consistent with intermittent braking, not constant hard braking as he claimed.[181] Sikes also reportedly had a history of false police reports, suspect insurance claims, theft and fraud allegations, and television aspirations.[177] These findings raised questions about "-the credibility of Mr. Sikes'- reporting of events"- in a Congressional memo.[182]*******Sean Kane alleged unintended acceleration blame********On November 25, 2009, ABC News quoted Sean Kane, head of the for-profit firm Safety Research &- Strategies,[185] stating that he had uncovered hundreds of "-non-floor mat sudden acceleration cases"- which the floor mat recall did not address.[186] Kane, who works with attorneys suing Toyota,[187] said his firm had discovered over 2,000 Toyota sudden acceleration cases involving 16 deaths and 243 injuries,[186] publishing its most comprehensive report on the issue on Feb 5th, 2010.[188] Kane alleged that the problem was not with the accelerator pedals, but with the electronic throttle control systems (ETC).[189] An electronic throttle control system is a drive-by-wire system, in which the accelerator pedal and the engine are indirectly linked electronically, instead of directly linked mechanically.[190] This means that input from the accelerator pedal is just one input used to decide how wide the throttle is opened. On Feb 13, 2010, The Wall Street Journal reported that Kane'-s company was "-controversial"- because its income comes from lawsuits against auto manufacturers,[185] which was not disclosed in media reports-[191] auto journalists noted that the firm had a "-vested interest"- in blaming manufacturer defects while avoiding operator error.[191][192**********Dave Gilbert alleged unintended acceleration blame**************On February 22, 2010, ABC News broadcast a report[201] which apparently demonstrated how unintended acceleration could be caused by inducing a short circuit in the throttle control. In the segment, Dave Gilbert, a PhD engineer and professor of automotive technology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, was shown in a late-model Avalon with ABC News reporter Brian Ross. By "-inducing a short"- in an unspecified circuit, Gilbert was able to cause the Avalon to accelerate dramatically. After the car was stopped, a diagnostic tool connected to the car'-s ECU displayed no fault code. According to Dr. Gilbert, proper design of the ETC should not have permitted a short like the one he induced to open the throttle- the ECU should have detected a fault and cut the throttle. Tests on GM vehicles, Gilbert said, did not expose a similar flaw. Autoblog uncovered that Gilbert was being paid by parties in lawsuits against Toyota.On March 8, 2010, Toyota held a live news conference where its engineers demonstrated the same short circuit method on Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, and BMW vehicles.[26] In each case, engineers were able to induce the same dramatic acceleration with no ECU fault code.[26] Stanford'-s Center for Automotive Research stated that ABC News'- demo was unrealistic and misleading.[198]


Its a very simple rule. Whatever the government says --- the exact opposite is true. "How do you know a politician is lying -- when he moves his lips"


Perhaps a cover up of 7 years and 42 deaths was enough to act . Internal Toyota memos showed a cover went back to 2003 . V.P. of operations said " we saved $ 100 million " .


Horseshlt if you have known a few people that happened to.


Honestly, do you think im gonna read all that sh*t!? lols.but still...Toyota rules! and american made cars drools! lol


Here is the best write up of the situation that I've found:http://www.techno-fandom.org/~hobbit/car…Note that the acceleration problems were mainly because non-hybrid Toyotas don't have brake-override like the Prius and other Toyota hybrids do, so if the accelerator stuck, pressing the brake was only partially effective. The Prius really never had an acceleration problem, unless a second floor mat was installed over the original and the driver was careless, but the Prius was highlighted by the media to get ratings.Even acceleration incidents that weren't in a Prius were linked to it. Many folks still think the unfortunate CHP officer and his family were in a Prius when he was actually in a non-hybrid Lexus. There are reports that that particular Lexus had brakes that were shot before it was rented out. I don't know how correct those reports are. If the Lexus was equipped with brake override, like the Prius, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


It was a fake issue. All my life I have owned Toyota and not even once did I ever experience any unintended acceleration. Several of my friends own Toyota too and they too said they never experienced any unintended acceleration. I could not find ONE single Toyota owner from the public who claimed unintended speed. How come you cannot find any ONE single person in public? But you only hear it in media. Come on, this was so bogus. And there are millions of toyotas on the road and you can't find one single Toyota owner who agreed to this?I took my car to the dealer, because of this news and dealer looked confused and said, "there really is nothing to fix. We can change the floor mat but that's all nothing but showpiece"Also most of the public did not buy this news and they continued buying new Toyotas and now they are very satisfied with it. Toyota company still made record profits despite this news. This news failed to change any Toyota buyer or Toyota driver opinionmagick: Toyota makes $236 billion an year. You think they really give a crap about tiny $100 million saving? Hell, thats peanut out of $236 billion earning. That's like someone saying I save 4 cent out of $40,000 an year



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