Why do liberals compare the health care mandate to auto insurance mandates?

Why do liberals compare the health care mandate to auto insurance mandates?

Your auto insurance mandate argument ignores the federal structure of the United States government. There is no federal auto insurance mandate. These are all state or local level laws. These kinds of laws are unconstitutional in a few ways, including under the 10th Amendment. Since regulating motor vehicles and their operations fall under the domain of the states, the federal government has no authority here. Furthermore, one cannot ever avoid the health insurance mandate like someone can avoid an auto insurance mandate. No one forces people to drive. People are free to choose to walk, use public transportation, carpool, etc. Avoiding the health insurance mandate would require someone to relinquish their United States citizenship.This isn'-t portion isn'-t directed at you, but at the peanut gallery in general:The individual health insurance mandate is not authorized by Congress'- taxation authority because it is not a tax. Tax revenue is paid by taxpayers directly to the government, while premiums paid due to the mandate will go directly to private entities (i.e. insurance companies).


Some do, some don't.Most simply point out that it was A REPUBLICAN - Mitt Romney - who developed the model - in which he pointed out that it's simply a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to purchase Health Care Insurance.So - he MANDATED it.But of course - if Democrats do it ... it's called SOCIALISM.When REPUBLICANS do it - - - it's sound policy.LOL ... Just goes to show you - Republicans are American Hating Partisan Hacks.Thanks for providing me the opportunity to prove that.


Well they compare apples to oranges all the time, because they lack facts and truth. It was just like Pelosi stating that old people would die if they did not pass the budget. Liberals exaggerate and lie. Illegals don't pay for their car insurance and they sure as heck won't be paying for Obamacare yet the middle class will be paying for it in more ways then one. Obamacare is Unconstitutional and people won't get it until they suffer.


People are just trying to make you understand that we all have to follow the law whether we like it or not. The insurance mandate is tied up with the IRS because of the tax credit subsidy when you file your return if you buy insurance. I compare it to getting a tax credit for any number of optional programs. This is optional also. If you dont buy insurance you pay a tax penalty. That is an inducement to buy insurance which everyone needs anyway.


That's all they have to use.You are not required to have an automobile. Also auto insurance is mainly to protect other drivers from you. That is way different than being forced to buy insurance simply for existing.


You can opt out of the health care plan.


They think people are stupid enough to buy that.


Come on we all know they are lacking in the intelligence department. Sucks to be a liberal !!!


They are both there because the mandate benefits society. Universal car insurance benefits are well understood. Universal health care lowers costs by getting everyone in for preventative care. How do we know? We take a look at the life expectancies and cost structures of similar societies with universal care. For example, Canadians live 3 years longer than we do, and pay $3000 per person per year LESS for the privilege. Not a bad deal when you think about it.The fact is that in the USA we pay nearly *twice* what Europeans pay for health care, and we have both higher infant mortality and lower life expectancy than most European countries. In the table below, im = infant mortality and L = life expectancy.2010 life expectancies: http://www.infoplease.com/world/statisti…2010 health care per capita: http://stats.oecd.org/Index.aspx?DataSet…United States -- im= 6.1, L= 78.2, cost $7538, 16.0Canada ---------- im= 5.0, L= 81.3, cost $4406, 10.4Austria --------- im= 4.4, L= 79.6, cost $3970, 10.5United Kingdom -- im= 4.7, L= 79.9, cost $3129, 8.7Denmark ------- im= 4.3, L= 78.5, cost $3540, 9.7Finland -------- im= 3.4, L= 79.1, cost $3008, 8.4France -------- im= 3.3, L= 81.0, cost $3696, 11.5Germany ------ im= 4.0, L= 79.4, cost $3737, 10.5Greece -------- im= 5.1, L= 79.8, cost $2687, 9.7Italy ------------ im= 5.4, L= 80.3, cost $2886, 9.5Norway --------- im= 3.5, L= 80.0, cost $5003, 8.5Spain ----------- im= 3.4, L= 81.0, cost $2902, 9.0Sweden -------- im= 2.7, L= 80.9, cost $3470, 9.4Switzerland --- im= 4.1, L= 80.9, cost $4810, 10.7----------- update -----------What good is a mandate you can opt out of? Well, you incur a tax penalty for opting out, and that tax goes to pay for emergency care when the opt-out folks get injured. It ain't rocket science!BTW, I've been posting versions of this information since 2008 on Y!A and only once has a conservative engaged in intelligent debate about the numbers. Will this be the day that another conservative can explain why we should continue to pay so much more for shorter life expectancies?----------- update 2 -----------Let me get this straight: you're ceding to me the point that universal care both costs about half as much and provides better care? You're ceding me that and yet denying I've made a compelling case for universal care because I haven't invoked the Constitution? My jaw is dropping...Well how about this: health care costs are literally ruining our country. It's a matter of national survival to get costs under control. Therefore it's constitutional. Article 1 Section 8: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States- but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States-You noticed that phrase "provide for the general welfare," right? Has that never been pointed out to you before?According to David Frum (special assistant to president, 2001-2), between 2000 and 2007, the cost of the average insurance policy for a family of four doubled. Let me repeat that: DOUBLED. See http://www.frumforum.com/the-bush-econom… In this question I show a back-of-the envelope estimate of the cost of maintaining the status quo http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index-… We can't afford to maintain the status quo, but if we did it would cost $8 to $9 trillion spread over the next 10 years..



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