Why do scientists and engineers get auto insurance discounts?

Why do scientists and engineers get auto insurance discounts?

According to my auto insurance company (AAA), various scientists and engineers can get discounts simply for having a degree in one of these areas or by being employed in one. Why is this? Are they actually better drivers?Thanks


There are multiple companies who use their own statistics and have determined that particular occupations are less of a risk.There are other companies who don't feel their statistics quantify that an occupation determines a claim risk.There are also companies who give discounts to homeowners and others who don't. Every single company determines their own rates based upon their own statistics. That's exactly why your rate may be completely different than my rate even if we are the same sex and age, drive the same vehicle and have the same driving record.Source(s):Owner of an insurance and financial services agency. Over 21 years experience.


I've never heard of this. But I've never worked for AAA (which, btw, is an insurance AGENCY, not a company). They MIGHT have an insurance company that gives an extra discount to a scientist. But I've worked with a heck of a lot of insurance companies, and have never heard of it.I HAVE heard of insurance companies giving discounts to TEACHERS.I don't think it's at all about being a better driver, I think it's a marketing ploy. And I REALLY think, that the person you were talking to, made it up, because they asked your occupation to put on the application, and you asked them why they need to know. (and the reason the question is on the application, is to allow the insurance company to "target market" certain occupations - not for underwriting).


statistically they are more responsible and less likely to get into an accident.


A person with high intelligence has clearer thought processes and is therefore assumed to be a better risk



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