Why do some women feel they we are no equal to men? That they still have to have special groups and?

Why do some women feel they we are no equal to men? That they still have to have special groups and?

special funding dedicated to them? Other than health care concerns that are specific to women we need nothing special. Men need their own health care aswell. The only differences between the sexes in North America are the natural ones(we have babies). A woman can go into any field and do the job. If anything women get special treatment. Why do some women feel the fight is not yet over? Do they feel they need special status, that they have to be elevated above men? I feel that is what it looks like.


There is so much concern about violence against women (none for men) when most of the murdered victims are men. In every society that I know of there is gender based discrimination. There is definitely a double standard in the justice system even in countries as democratic as Canada and the United States of America. For what a man goes to prison for decades upon conviction, a woman can get away with a few months of probabtion. The tables are turned the other way around in countries like Pakistan and Iran, where the justice system much like everything else discriminates against women. In my country of India, there are many train cars, many seats in buses for women only, the income taxes are lower for women, so many other outrageous laws that favour women, etc. In India, precious little baby girls are killed just because they are girls while the more educated families choose to abort them just because they are going to be girls while both practices are illegal. No one complaints that auto-insurance rates are much higher for men than for women. Try charging more to women and there will be mass protests and numerous lawsuits. A few weeks ago I heard on the news that 2 girls had won the legal battle against their school to join the boys’ team. A few minutes later I heard that some female firefighters had won their battle to have a separate change room from the male firefighters. Both verdicts are of Canada. They are certainly contradictory rulings. Besides no girl can ever join a boys’s team since if a girl joined the boys’ team it wouldn’t be a boys’ team anymore and vice versa. Also if women are allowed to participate in “men’s” events, then men should be allowed to participate in “women’s” events. Men are extremely happy to be around women but in the case of participating in sports events, this would be a tragedy for women. There is lots of outcry over how there aren’t enough women professors, politicians, etc. Women are free to run in this country. If not many want to or win, then not many do or win. They are free to do other professions as well. It’s interesting how no one complaints that most school teachers are women, that most models, most receptionists, most university students, etc are women. No one complaints that most of the military dead are men (if there are x men for every 1 woman in the military, then y military men die for every military woman that dies, where y >> x). There is lots of outcry over how women are underdiagnosed with heart disease when it’s the number one killer of women and no one complaints that men live on average about 6 years less than women no matter who is dying of what and when. There is lots of outcry about AIDS in women when more than 50% of the victims are male. I have never heard of any concern over men having the disease. It’s always AIDS in women, AIDS in children, or just AIDS. It’s never AIDS in men. Did any man on Titanic have any less of a right or desire to live than any woman or child on Titanic? If I was a man on Titanic, then I would probably be murdered since I would have done anything to fight for my life. When it comes to saving my life, any law preventing me from doing so would have to be broken and an attempt made to do what it takes to survive. Is it really any less sad for an innoncent man to die in a military or terrorist attack than for an innocent woman or an innocent child to die? There is lots of outcry over how male tennis players make more (less than 2 times more) money than female tennis players and yet there is no outcry that female models make many times more money than male models. There are lots of scholarships available only to females while I haven’t seen any available only to males. There is women’s day while there is no men’s day, etc. There are countless other examples. Most child custody cases are won by mothers. There is outcry how fields like physics and mathematics and computer science and engineering are dominated mostly by men when there is no such outcry over fields dominated by women. And there are so many more discriminations against both genders. Feminism will never seek or achieve gender equality for the name itself is biased towards one gender. Those who really want true equality should start another movement named humanism. I have listed more discrimination against men than women because the point that I am trying to make here is that gender based discrimination occurs not only against women but against men as well.


i'm a guy so not sure but maybe because from youth every guy wants to keep them feeling small and they aren't secure with who they are so they create ways to talk or women just like to gossip


Women were sold a bill of goods. In the 70's they were told by NOW, Cosmo magazine and lib groups that they could have it all - the body of a 20 year old, three kids, a CEO job earning $300,000 a year, and four men, one for every mood, wrapped around their fingers. Well, you bought it and now you are trying to figure out what went wrong. Yes, you have the three kids, but where are the four men - or even one man? The figure of a twenty year old? Well, maybe - with lots of plastic surgery, anorexia, and/or working out 4 hours a day, and then only maybe.As for the CEO job? You can't run a medium or large company and at the same time shuffle those kids around, work out all the time, and visit the plastic surgeon twice a year for the 'tune-up' that will keep you 'thin'. Think about it - when is the last time you saw a woman that had all the things the lib movements, the ladies magazines and ladies talk shows promised you? Women have a hard enough time just looking decent. All the eye brow shaping, finger nail manicuring/ painting, low rise jeans ( oh please hide that flab ) tattoos and multiple earrings in weird places is not what the 'ladies movement' had in mind. And when your 'self-esteem' is low, who do you blame? Not yourself, but those of us that were on the sidelines during your 'metamorphosis' over the last thirty years. As far as we can tell, your lives are actually worse than they were before, but that is just my opinion from the outside looking in.


As a older guy in my 50's, I'm not sure it will ever be possible to state that "women are equal to men", only because, as you observe, there are natural differences that prevent us from truly being equal. For example, if men could bear children, I suspect our outlook on life and attitudes towards marriage, careers, etc would more closely match those of women. But because we can't have kids ourselves, our attitudes, while they can be close, will forever be slightly different - and I think that's a good thing. If we all thought the same way, life would be pretty boring and I suspect that our society as a whole would not have advanced so far - progress benefits from a variety of viewpoints.Things have come a long way from the old days, but there is still a ways to go - women are still restricted from some types of combat military postings. Bias works both ways, of course - many women would think twice about dropping off their children at a daycare that employed only men.My take is that we should celebrate the differences we cannot eliminate while working to change the inequalities that still remain.


What you are referring to has nothing to do with equality on a male to female ratio. It has more to do with economic status & keeping traditions & customs ongoing for reasons of nostalgia & various religious beliefs. In America, people have the freedom to be a part in any group they choose or to start one of their own. I suppose that to outsiders coming into our country, this could appear to have an "elevated status" mentality. Men & women both have the freedom to choose & we (US born) don't like to be forced into being with the opposite sex unless we want to go co-ed.


Well, actually, although we are equal on paper, a lot of women are still patronized by men, and a not that many women become CEOs (on comparison). And, as you can see on Yahoo! Q/A, a lot of men still think women can't be trusted. On the other hand, a lot of women say the same about men.So, basically, I think it's still important that women fight for our rights, BUT I think it would be better if they tried EQUALITY for BOTH genders. And sometimes, feminists really talk nonsense.


it probly has to do with that women are still descriminated against in all aspects of life.your blonde your stupid red head bad temper,the pay is not the same and neither is the medical treatment women get.the fight isn't over


I agree somewhat. Its a double standard to say women are equal to men and then to be okay with supporting special womens services without regards to mens needs. I personally believe they are not equal, for many reasons. But definately worthy of the same amount of respect and human rights. But to answer your question, if a person believes in equality between the sexes, I support their beliefs. But that should mean equal treatment in every aspect, not just some. (i.e. Why can't single fathers be eligible for medicaid?) I agree that it seems those women want special treatment, recognition, etc. Its just an angle some people dont look at. But you make a great point about it!


come on cheer up bro (tigerlove) lolz.. this world been unfair since my brithday haha , girl get's the gd's guys take the bad thing, nothing more lolz... " how many girl ask a guy out for date? " try rate it up n u will known this world is unfair , around me i ask this question to my friend long time ago... as a result girl take all the gdies n guys ... lolz u known... mostly guys nid to b rich for easy hook up a female... if female disagree on this concept try rate it ^^ " would u married to a poor guy ? " but a guys would married no matter how poor that girl are.... this u will known this male n female thing already unfair.........but wat make female so "expensive" coz they giv birth to us ^^ and they suffer in many thing more then man actually ... so bro.. try cheer up in this unfair world n welcome to men life hahaha~



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