Why do we have insurance through our employers, anyway?

Why do we have insurance through our employers, anyway?

Why can'-t it be available like auto insurance? Why must the burden be put on employers?Any business owners out there, I would love your input.


Imagine the Costs saved in the Auto Industry, for one example, if the Government provided the Cost of Healthcare (like Canada and all of Europe). Healthcare has become the number one issue in Labor Conracts. Currently one third of all Healthcare costs go to Insurance/HMO/Pharamacuetical Profits, Administration, Advertising & Marketing.The answer is so simple.The most popular model around the Democratic World is Single Payer Healthcare where government provides the cost of delivery of either public or private healthcare. The fact that this is the most popular delivery system here in the United States is kept hidden by both the Corporate media and the Politicians who are funded by the Health Insurance Companies and Pharmacuetical Corporations.Source(s):http://www.pollingreport.com/health.htmhttp://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/03…http://www.harpers.org/archive/2009/02/0…http://www.democracynow.org/2009/3/6/as_…


This was largely a result of wage freezes during WWIIBecause companies could not raise wages to attract workers they sweetened the benefit packages by adding health insurance. After the war it became more and more an expected benefit offered by the employer.The crazy thing is that this is yet another example of government interference in the market having unexpected harmful effects. Wage controls led to health insurance, health insurance led to health cost inflation, health cost inflation is leading to government provided health care. All of it could have been avoided by not freezing wages in the first place and letting the market decide how much a worker got paid.It is available like auto insurance. There are lots of companies working in the individual and small group market catering to small business owners.


A lot of employers don't supply health insurance. It is a fringe benefit that some companies offer to get quality workers to apply for a position with them, plus it is much cheaper for the business to get a group insured than for a single person to get coverage.By the way, we can get our own, just like auto insurance, but it is A LOT more expensive buying it on your own. A lot of companies don't pay their help enough to purchase insurance on their own.


Because tort law has created an environment that makes health insurance oppressively expensive to buy without group discounts. Thus employers buying large numbers of policies get discounts and are able to offer the savings to their employees.Malpractice suits in a highly litigious nation are why your health care is expensive, and who's the party of lawyers ask your Attorney-in-chief, your Vice President, your Secretary of State, your first lady, your Former President etc etc.Buy the way you can get good individual coverage for about $250/month, the cost of your average cellphone bill.


It's an absurd system that was put in place after WWII. Because of wage controls, employers competed for workers by offering health insurance as a fringe benefit. So now we have a system where the loss of a job is compounded by the loss of health care. I agree that one's employer should not be responsible for the costs of health care as it puts American businesses at a huge competitive disadvantage. I'm not so sure, however, that buying on the open market, a la auto insurance is a good idea. Those insurance companies are already fairly corrupt and attempt to deny payments to people - I had this experience in an auto accident when a drunk driver hit and ran me...not my fault - the driver who hit me was convicted of a federal offense, yet my auto insurance made getting care (for broken nose, torn ligament in knee and lower back problems) and reimbursement very difficult. We need national health care - it is too vital and important to be left to the open market.edit: My cell bill is FAR below 250 a month...it's like 60 bucks a month.


It started during WWII. The federal government put a freeze on wages. Employers started using benefits packages, like paid up health insurance, to attract new workers. After a few employers started it, most followed suit.I agree, employers should pay wages to employees and that is it.


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The employers originally offered it as a perk to lure good and credible employees. Now they're crying.about it because insurance rates have sky rocketed. OK for them when it-s cheap . Not when it's expensive.


It was a benefit offered voluntarily by employers. They can get it a reduced rate due to buying the policies in bulk. Then it became expected. Now people don't want to pay for any of their coverage or health care costs.


As an added benefit.Group coverage is cheaper so you can get more bang for your buck.It has a higher value because the coverage costs are usually shared by the business.


Group policies get HEAVY discounts, I worked in insurance and know this first hand, its to your benefit. And for the employer its a tax write off.


it is away for them to control people. To keep them working for them. I imagine they can find out some personal things also.


Trust me, employers benefit as well. It's a tax write off for them.



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