Why is my medical insurance company asking me to provide a statement from my auto insurance company?

Why is my medical insurance company asking me to provide a statement from my auto insurance company?

They sent me an EOB but also said:1 - Please send a statement from your automobile insurance company showing whether these expenses have been paid or denied. When we receive this information, we will consider this charge.Does anyone know why? Thanks.


The way the bill is coded triggered the letter.As far as the animal bite goes.....does someone other than you own the animal? If so, their home owners policy should have medical payment coverage to pay the bill.If the animal belonged to you or was a stray, then homeowners will not apply. You will need to call your health insurance and explain what happened.


Were you in an automobile accident?If so, that's common practice.If not, no idea. Never heard of that unless an accident took place.


Is this regarding treatment after an accident?They just want to check if your treatment was paid for by the insurance company.


Because if the auto company paid you for medical bills that your health insurance paid for, your health insurance wants that money. You aren't allowed to profit off your medical bills (not saying that you are).Oh, yeah, all this assumes you were in an accident. If not, then apparently they have the mistaken notion that you were.


When a hospital bills a claim for you, there's a numeric code used to indicate a type of accidental injury and the date of the injury.I suspect one of 2 things happened here...1) the hospital made a typo on the 2 digit code, and it looks like "auto accident" vs. what actually happened in your situation. or 2) your insurance company saw the claim coded as an "accidental injury" and mistakenly assumed that meant auto accident.I would suggest that you call your insurance company and advise them that there was no auto accident. If you explain what happened, they should likely be able to resolve the issue over the phone.Aside from the hassle of making the phone call, it should be a relatively simple issue for you to fix.Source(s):15 years working for health insurance companies and medical providers


They are simply checking to see if there is any third-party liability going on, meaning another party other yourself, or the insurance company who might be able to pay for the claim. It's possible that when the claim was filed, the person checked a box incorrectly that indicated that this was the result of an auto accident.Try calling the customer service department of your insurance company to let them know that this was for an animal bite, and not auto related, and see if they will send the claim back for reconsideration without requiring something in writing from your auto insurance.Good luck!Kathy Kwww.premiumwatchdog.com



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