Why is the most livable city in the world?

Why is the most livable city in the world?

VANCOUVERHow come people say Vancouver is number 1 city in the world to liveThey have a gang problem, most cars stolen in the world (in 2000),most homeless people in Canada, and a lot of other problems


1) Gang problem: There are gangs, but I wouldn't call it a huge problem. Anyway, it seems to be going on way out in the sticks, like in Surrey and Abbotsford, and Vancouver city and the immediate surrounding area - Burnaby, Richmond, and the North Shore - are still safe, the schools are still good. If you can afford it, that large chunk of Greater Vancouver is one of the most livable urban areas of the world. Lots of nature, clean air, good social services and schools, thriving multiculturalism, and lots more.2) Car theft: A problem, but the new immobilizer technology is a godsend, and the car theft numbers will go way down. A lot of people use "The Club", and that helps. Auto theft insurance is costly, but you get peace of mind.3) Homeless people. A lot of the simple-life hobos, mentally ill, and ne-er-do-wells of Canada and rural BC migrate to Vancouver because of its warm weather (relative to most of Canada) and nature areas, great for setting up a tent. The Lower East Side, where a lot of them end up, has lots of social services available. away from that area, you don't notice a huge homeless problem. There are homeless around, to be sure, and there are social services in place to deal with them. But when there's mental illness and drug addiction involved - when people can't or won't take care of themselves - then the homeless problem will never be eliminated. I don't think Vancouver is into forcing people off the streets, as long as they're not a menace to society.


hesperiacaliforniacanada sucks


I have no clue but it could be because people have good transportation, health care, careers, good housing, great schools, ect. I'm sure if you go to forbes.com they can tell you why they ranked Vancouver as such.



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