Why is there a disclaimer on the ALLSTATE Auto Insurance commercials that says "Not available in all states"?

Why is there a disclaimer on the ALLSTATE Auto Insurance commercials that says "Not available in all states"?

It is called ALLSTATE!


Its called AllState insurance but their policies and programs that that they offer is not available in all states. There are some states that they do not conduct business in and the ones that they do write business in some of their programs may not apply in all of the statesFor Example:Total Redemption Rewards Program*Program subject to state regulation and may be discontinued at any time without notice. Some state laws restrict or prohibit the total redemption of rewards. Program not available in AL, GA, NY, NC and UT. Residents of those states cannot participate.


Well, if you'd actually paid attention to the disclaimer, it doesn't say Allstate Insurance isn't available in all states. The commercial (and the disclaimer) are talking about the bonus awards program, which is not available in all states.Allstate Insurance does business in all 50 states.


It's called Allstate, not Everystate. It's really just a name, but even if you held them to it as descriptive, it would only mean that they cover the entire state that they're in. It's like a high school athlete who is named All-State- they're just one of the best that the particular state has to offer.



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