Will a dui violation in 2000 with the conviction happening in 2007 effect my premium?

Will a dui violation in 2000 with the conviction happening in 2007 effect my premium?

do auto insurance companies look at the date of violation or the date of conviction becuase they usually don'-t ask for violations that are over 5 yrs old. I am going to get my license back soon because of the conviction this year, but will auto ins cmpnys look at the 2000 violation or when i was actually convicted in 2007?


Most companies look at the conviction date when it comes to considering these for your premium. Most states will allow an insurance company to consider a DUI or substance related charge for 5-7 years depending on the state. I suggest you call your insurance company for a quote. Just make sure your honest with them about the charge and the dates. That way they are able to give you an accurate premium.



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