Will Direct General cover med bills or damages if I am in someone else's car?

Will Direct General cover med bills or damages if I am in someone else's car?

I have an auto insurance policy with Direct General. I'-d like to know if they would cover med bills and damages in an accident in someone else'-s vehicle in which I was not at fault.


depends on ur policy..... but if ur asking probably not.....btw if ur not covered to drive in any vehicle......the other cars insurance shud b paying the bill(the 1 u wer driving).......and actually if u wernt at fault the person that hit u shud b paying....


Insurance typically follows the car, not the driver. Of course this is depending on the state laws and policy contract.If you had an accident in someone else's car, the claim must be filed with their insurance company or the at fault insurance company. So, if you were hit by someone else while driving your friend's car, file it with the at-fault parties insurance company.--Your friends at CarInsurance.comSource(s):https://www.carinsurance.com/kb/content12558.aspx


If you are driving someone else's car and cause an accident, the insurance company that insures that veh is where the claim would need to be filed. Direct General insures Your Car, not theirs. Your insurance would be secondary, if the primary insurance did not have adequate coverage.



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