Will insurance still cover me if I take classes online?

Will insurance still cover me if I take classes online?

I am on my parents insurance and have blue cross/blue sheild for health and state farm for auto insurance. I looked it up and it is very vague saying accredited "-college or university"-. The classes I want to take are at a career school online that is accredited state-wide and nationally. I want to do this program so I can get done with college sooner.Please help me figure this out!


I suggest you call them, give them the nane of the school you are thinking of going to and what their accreditation is, they can advise you. I would say yes, but I think it is best to check with the insurance company, just to be 100% sure.


Depends. If your parents are insured through their employer then yes they have to cover you still. You need to remember that if your parents are covered through their employer. Meaning that their insurance they are paying are provided through their employer, there are lessor strict rules because employers who provide insurance to your parents are under a different contract then this rule you found on their website.State farm will cover you for your car insurance. They highly will push you to get good grades to lower your insurance premium. This must be from a Accredited school. This varies though by state laws.So this actually depends. Ask your parents first because they have the best answer to this one since they have you added to their insurance policyMostly with blue cross blue shield, they are getting health insurance from an employer since blue cross is a very common insurance company to see coming from employers.Source(s):Was on insurance through blue cross blue shield through my employer. I was fully covered no matter where I attend school as long I kept my job at full time status. (Varies depend on employment policy)



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