Will my Alberta Automobile Insurance go up from a Hit and Run claim?

Will my Alberta Automobile Insurance go up from a Hit and Run claim?

Recent victim of a hit and run. The vehicle ran a red light, and collided with my truck, causing significant damage to my vehicle. They then fled the scene, and I am wondering if putting in a claim gives the insurance company the right to increase my premiums? I have not ever had an at fault accident, and have not made a claim in 4-5 years. I do know how much fun it is to deal with adjusters, but have confidence that I can handle that part.


First things first.....did you get a police report on the accident?Beyond that it depends on your policy history, they make give you a waiver if you havent had any claims in a while


It might. Insurance premiums are based on whether you have had claims or not, not on if they were your fault or not. If you made a claim against your insurance, you premiums could go up.Like house insurance. YOU didn't break into your place, but you made a claim. So your rates go up.



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