Will my Auto Insurance Company Pay me or the repair shop?

Will my Auto Insurance Company Pay me or the repair shop?

I have GMAC auto insurance on a financed vehicle, and I was wondering if they will cut a check for my claim to me or the repair shop??? Please Help


They'll make the check out to you AND the shop. Since your car is financed, they cannot pay you directly because they have to protect the lien holder's financial interest.


Usually, they pay the repair shop directly, to avoid insurance fraud.Source(s):Insurance Agent


If the vehicle is financed, the insurance company may issue a check with you and the auto shop as the payees on the check. That's what they did with my daughter's car. Your insurance company may handle it differently.If you own the vehicle outright, it's your choice. But if you are paid directly, most likely you can't collect for additional, undiscovered damages. You were made "whole". Making you "whole" means you were compensated for the decreased value of the car with cash or the car was repaired to essentially restore its value before the accident.



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