Will my auto insurance company pull my abstract if I change vehicles?

Will my auto insurance company pull my abstract if I change vehicles?

I have been with the same insurance company for three years, and I have paid every year up front for the full year. In November 2011 I got am impaired driving offence in Alberta and my insurance company didn'-t catch it. I paid up the whole year again, and all was well. My friend was driving and my car was impounded for 30 days (he didn'-t tell me his license was suspended also). The fee to get it out of impound will be more than the car is worth, but I am worried if I change cars they might pull my abstract and find the impaired offense. I know what I did was wrong, but I can'-t really afford the price hike. What are the odds that they will pull an abstract just because I changed cars? I have never had a ticket or infraction otherwise. I want to upgrade vehicles anyway, but will I be better off paying the $1500 fee to keep the same car insured, in hopes that they don'-t do any digging? Should I buy a new car and bet that my otherwise flawless driving and payment history will keep them from digging? I also have a friend that never had his insurance company catch on to his DUI 7 years ago, but he kept the same vehicle.


eventually they may find it anyway, but it depends on the company and the coverages, and sometimes if there is a claim- and most companies only go 3 years back.If you do not change the amount or type of coverage, they may not. Also, are you being required to carry additional coverage because of the offense? (call the courthouse and ask)



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