Will my insurance cover my car?

Will my insurance cover my car?

I let my boyfriend use my car to pick up his friend. They then decided to drink and drive and flip my car 5 times. He isn'-t on my insurance and doesnt have a license (which I didn'-t know at the time) and got a dui. I still owe 7000 on my car and I had full coverage but I have no idea if I'-m covered.


yeah, good luck with the insurance paying you for that. insurance doesn't usually pay off in the commission of a crime.


There's a darned good chance that you're not covered. If by some lucky chance you are, your insurance company is going to go after your boyfriend for reimbursement of every dime they pay out, because he caused the accident.Keep in mind, your "full coverage" won't pay the loan balance on the car, only what the car was actually WORTH, depreciated, private party sale value. Minus your deductible, of course.


The rules vary from state to state. Here in California, a permissive driver (assuming he was NOT a resident of the household and should have been rated on the policy) is covered no matter how stupid he got unless he was committing a felony - such as robbing a bank.Assuming the insurance pays out, they will give you the actual cash value of your car. If you have loan gap coverage, they will pay any additional amount owed above the value of the car. If you don't, you're stuck with the loan balance.The only way to know what rules apply to you and this situation is to call your agent.Source(s):CA ins agent


It's going to depend on the language in your policy.The good news: stupidity is not excluded by the standard auto policy.In General:If you have a policy with a main insurer (ex: Allstate, State Farm, Farm Bureau, USAA etc) then the collision coverage will cover your car. Even though the boyfriend was not listed and got a dui.If you have a policy with a company that specializes in high risk drivers (ex: The General, Permanent General, Safeco etc) then it's possible your collision coverage may not apply. Many policies written by these companies have language in them allow collision coverage only when a driver listed on the policy is using the car.Since we don't have a copy of your policy, we can't tell you if it will be covered or not. You will need to speak to your agent.


In California,If the driver of your car is specifically excluded from your policy, then your insurance will not cover the damage he caused to your vehicle.Source(s):http://dui-attorney-newport-beach.comhttp://dui-attorney-huntington-beach.com


He violated a policy condition by driving while intoxicated. You violated a policy condition by allowing someone to drive without a valid license (not knowing is not an excuse, it's your responsibility to know). The accident will not be covered. I suggest you find a new boyfriend.



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