Will this ticket effect my clean driving record?

Will this ticket effect my clean driving record?

I am 17 years old and I got pulled over today for not wearing a seatbelt. I was issued a $115 ticket. The officer said there are no demerits on this ticket, but I'-m still scared. Will it effect my insurance price? This is my first ever offense.


No.It Has to affect your record. No demerit = no points. So, how can insurance then even find out unless You tell them?Insurance isn't in "cahoots" with the cops, they can only see public records just like you and me.You are Scared? Try facing an indictment with a possible punishment of 4 years in prison.....Source(s):driving since 1978, insurance agents, tickets.


I highly doubt it would affect anything, if it becomes a reoccurring issue, then yes. Other than that it is a simple traffic citation. No reason to worry.


While I cannot speak to other juristictions- in Alberta, I am quite certain that failure to wear a seatbelt is not considered a moving violation.Again, in Alberta, any moving violation- regardless of demerits, will count as a traffic conviction and can affect your insurance premiums. Most companies will offer some form of a conviction free discount and all will start to surcharge premiums when a driver has three or more convictions in the three preceeding insurance term years. In Alberta, under the Auto Insurance Reform introduced in 2004, the maximum liability rate that an insurer can charge is calulated using a surcharge for 2 or more minor convicitions.Source(s):http://www.qp.alberta.ca/574.cfm?page=I03.cfm&leg_type=Acts&isbncln=9780779736317&display=html


of course it will affect your insurance price, the insurance lobby is the one who paid the politicians to make it a law. And dont think they care about safety, they care about your money being put in thier pockets. The only way they care about yuour life, is that you send them a check every month and they NEVER have to give any out....



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