Would car insurance be cheaper in Tennessee?

Would car insurance be cheaper in Tennessee?

I live in Denver, Colorado. I used to live in Tennessee and noticed that it is ALOT cheaper to live out there. I am wanting to move back. I know my house will be cheaper among other things. I was just wondering if anyone would know if car insurance would be cheaper out there too?


Car insurance as a lot to do with where your live, and living in a big city is the most expensive. If you lived in a small town in TN, that's why your insurance was considerably less. Also, is this the same car, or do you have a newer model which has higher insurance. Another factor in the cost is where you park your car -- did you have a garage in TN but park on the street in Denver. Also the auto theft rate may be higher in Denver.There are just soooooo many variables in car insurance, it is hard to pin down exactly why it is more in Denver. It may be lots these variables combined. Talk with your insurance agent about figuring the cost of the same policy you have now but living in TN.Come on back.Source(s):TN resident


It depends on where in Co. vs where in Tn you are speaking about. Rates vary widely by area/city within a state.You need to call an agent in your desired area of Tn to find out



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